First Birthday's

  • First times only come once, for my daughter’s first birthday we wanted to do something special. To celebrate we took her to Disneyworld, we also had a birthday party at the house. Between seeing Mickey and having her own cake too she couldn’t have been happier. To do all of that took a lot of planning, time, effort, and of course money. Seeing her smile (and bury herself in cake) made it worth everything in my book. How did you/are you planning to celebrate your child's first birthday?

  • For our daughters first birthday we didn't want to do anything especially elaborate since it was just that- her first birthday.  We invited some some family and friends over for some snacks and a birthday cake.  There were a few presents but just like any other one year old, all she was interested in was the box and paper.  I think i'd rather put the extra money I could've spent on her first birthday and put it away towards either a college fund for her or towards birthdays in the future where she'll really remember them.

  • We kept everything low-key. A cake in our kitchen with candles and Happy Birthday was enough to send my little one crying! She was so freaked out by the singing and the candles. She was not into her first birthday at all. But she's already asking about her second one, which is only a few weeks away. That should be a lot more fun for her.

  • For my son's first birthday I plan on having a small get togther,with family and friends who have children my son's age.He is the youngest of three and I have learned that they enjoy going from arm to arm and the noise the wrapping paper makes more than anything'm gonna take lots of pictures and when it rains,I sit and tell my children stories of what happened on their birthday. The extra money that I save can be used for him to learn spanish,education is the gift that keeps on given.










  • I agree that simple is better. For first birthdays we just invite immediate family. I kept the decorations low key, but did get a two tier cake for my daughter. I have to admit the cake was more for me than her. :) As they get older we do special things with them instead of having a party each time. For example, we might go to the circus and then Chuck E Cheese's. It is much less stressful that way.