• My babies are almost a year old. While I know its a bad idea to compare my babies with others, my niece (who was born 2 days after my babies, and was a premie) has teeth, is cruising, crawling, and pulling up. My babies are toothless, scooting across the floor, and are just now attempting to pull up. My pediatrician said that there are no health issues at all, and they should catch up. Is anyone else having any problems like this? Anyone have any advice, because quite frankly, I'm worried about my girls.

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  • If your pediatrician isn't worried, I wouldn't be either. My third child didn't get his first tooth until he was almost a year old and he didn't crawl until he was 11 months old..he walked at 16 months old. Even though he was behind other children in these areas, he was still within the "norm". Keep your pediatrician informed and continue to get them regular check ups. Let him know if you are still worried about their development in a month or two, but more than likely....they will catch up in no time.

  • It's always natural to worry about your girls, but they are still too young to be worried about. If your doctor says they are on pace and developing well, all you can do is wait. I'm sure by 18 months things will have changed for the better. And stop worrying about worrying!... that's what mommies do!

  • I had the very same problem with my daughter.    I think she was 10 months before finally getting any sort of idea of a tooth.   My pedi gave me no sympathy for his daughter was either 14 or 17 months before the first tooth-sorry, I can't remember, but it was much older!   She has all her teeth and so does my daughter.  :)   My daughter did not roll over for a long time and never really crawled.   Heck, I do not think she really ever pulled up until she was walking.  She started walking at 15 months or so.   I was so worried about her, but I listened to the advice of my pedi.   My daughter was eating, happy and healthy, so I relaxed(which was NOT easy to do being a first time mom!) and all turned out well.  She is 26 months and is running, talking and into everything!

    One good thing about those that get their teeth a little later is they tend to get them all at once and not over long spans.  My daughter got her molars all at once...yes, it was rough, but it was a week and it was over.  :)

    The advice I got was put her on her tummy more.  She hated tummy time so I felt a little helpless.   Of course there is nothing we can do for the teeth.   Good luck.

  • I live in a house with my sister-in-law she has a now 15 month old, Audrey, my other sister-in-law has a 21 month old, Austin, and they are so much apart it isn't funny.  Audrey is and was doing things long before Austin even thought of doing them, like climbing on the couch...He would get the ideas from her, but other than that he never would've thought of it on his own.  My point being that every baby is different, and every baby progresses at a different rate.  Don't be worried they are fine.. 

  • Remember that every child is different and reaches different developmental milestones at different times. I agree that if your pediatrician is not worried, I wouldn't worry either. Comparing your children to others is frusterating and it can be hard not to, but remember that your child is normal. My niece did not walk until she was 15 months and she is a very bright little girl. Follow up with your peditrician if you are still concerned. Is your baby talking yet? Saying "mama" or "dada"? Wave bye-bye? Sitting alone without assistance? These are the milestones your doctor will look for.