how can i get my son to sleep at night

  • my son is almost two monthes old he still doesnt have a sleeping pattern at night sometimes he goes to sleep at 11.30 and sometimes at 1 in the morning! i no he is tired because he keeps yawning and rubbing his eyes. he also stays up all afternoon and naps in the morning i dont no what else to to get him to sleep please help....

  • Hi Missy... the toughest thing for me as a father is trying to understand the magic formula to get my children to sleep. When they are only 2 months old, sleep is erratic. It took both of my daughters until about 3 months before they got into a regular sleeping schedule. Music of all kinds tended to distract them at times, but other times it didn't work. That is what's frustrating about babies, because what seemingly works for a nigbht or two is suddenly ineffective.

    So I would say to try any of the many methods listed on this site and others to help babies sleep, but time may be the only real answer that lasts. Sorry if this discourages you in the short run, but every sleepless night is one day closer to sleep for your baby (and you).

  • Most people often think that babies who have trouble sleeping at night need to stay up more during the day. While this is true for older babies, it is actually the opposite for newborns and young infants. Your little one is probably getting himself overly tired during the day trying to stay up. This makes for a "not so restfull" sleep.

    Try establishing a routine with him. Pick a time in the morning after he has been up for a few hours and put him down to nap in a darkened room, preferably with a full tummy. Then he should nap again in the early afternoon and once more in the evening around 4 0''clock. Then establish a "bedtime ritual" for everyone. Maybe you feed him a bottle around 6 o'clock and then play with him for a few hours. At 8 o'clock it is time for a warm bath and baby massage. Then at 9 o' clock it is bedtime with a warm bottle and a little soothing music.

    While the first few days will not be easy, if you remain consistant....then your baby will quickly get into a pattern. The number one reason parents have trouble getting their baby to get into a routine is LACK of CONSISTANCY.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  • There is no denying that consistency greatly helps the sleep process. However, life doesn't always allow you to be consistent. Sometimes you find yourself out too late and can't help starting the routine late. My wife and I don't always have the luxury of planning our lives around baby's sleep schedule, so what to do on the nights you can't be into your routine?

  • Establishing the routine is the toughest part. Once the baby is used to sleeping at 8 o'clock and sleeping 8 hours at night, you can detour from the routine a bit without starting all over from scratch. Consistancy in the beginning is the key to establishing your routine. AnswerDad is right...sometimes you can't always be home on time etc... hopefully, once your baby is used to sleeping can afford to have those nights occasionally.

  • How old should my daughter be when I should start keeping her awake during the day? I have a 9 week old and tons of people tell me to keep her up all day so she will sleep at night and I have noticed it just makes her cranky rather than helping her sleep.