• i am a new mom and i dont no how to get my almost two  month old to sleep at nite he is up all afternoon and stays up til 11.30 or 1 in the morning! i no hes tired cus he keeps rubbing his eyes and yawning we tried everything what else can i do!

  • Unfortunately, all newborns go through this for a time in the first year at some point. The only thing I can suggest is to try and keep the baby up as much as possible during the day (i.e. avoid the outdoors as fresh air usually knocks them unconsious, undress them a bit as warmth makes them tired, etc.) At night, try to avoid keeping lights and the tv on which is stimulating for a baby. Also, feed and change the baby and put them back to bed. Avoid holding the baby or interacting with him/her - this lets them know that night time is for sleeping (that's the hardest part). Start off bed time with dim lights, a bath, and some nice soft classical music or white noise. The sound of running water always got both my kids to sleep when they were this age. Otherwise, you can also take the baby for a drive as well if that is soothing for them to sleep. Otherwise, there isn't much else you can do except wait and it will pass. If the baby is not crying, but is awake, leave him/her in her crib and avoid interaction (it may sound cruel, but you don't want him/her to get used to your constant attention during sleeping times - just when needed like eating or changing or comfort). Hope this helps and hang in there!

  • thanks for the advice i will try and see if that will help him next time we give him a bath i think also he wont really sleep is cus he hungry alot he eats six or seven ounces before he will acually sleep and when we took him to the doctor they said it was becuase he has a enlarged maybe that could be y too and thanks again for the advice

  • If you read Strongmoms site frequently, you will realize that every parent has had frustrating moments getting their newborns into good sleeping habits. It can be stressful on the family and you just feel helpless at times.

    I agree to try anything that makes sense but realize that babies sometimes just have their own schedule at this age. By the third or fourth month, your baby will have greater capacity to sleep for longer periods of time, and this will make life easier. It's also at this time that they realize the difference between night and day, and sense the quiet of the house asleep.

    Every day is one day closer to regular sleep!

  • What exactly is your baby's schedule now? What time does he wake up? What time are his naps? What time do you bathe him and put him to bed?

  • he usually wakes up around 8 but now he wakes up sometimes at 3 in the morning we give him a bath at 8 everynite and he doesnt go to sleep until maybe 1 in the morning sometimes but latly its been 11-30 he would fall asleep and he fights going to sleep and he jus keeps fussing cus he is so tired

  • We can help you get him on a schedule...but I need to know how many naps he is taking throughout the day and how long they are. Let me know because sometimes parents let their babies sleep too long throughout the day or NOT enough throughout the day...both can lead to fitfull sleeping at night!

  • what helped me was swaddle, swaddle, swaddle. I didn't figure this out til my preemie was home for 2 months. She is now 5 months and on those days where she just fights her naps I swaddle her for 1 nap. She will sleep if you hold her but that isn't practical and this works for me. Since I started doing it she has slept through most of the night. For us the key was last bottle around 11 and then swaddle and in the begining she slept til 4, feed and go right back. Then every week we got an extra hour. Now she sleeps til 7-8 in the morning. We use the kidopotomus swaddle blankets and also the halo sleep sac. The good thing about the sleep sac is that they wear it like a vest so to me it looks less like they would over heat. This will be my choice for the winter when she may be in a fleece 1 pc pj. hope this helps:)