im always anxious when i hold my lil girl

  • i am 22 years old and im a new mom for the first time and when i hold my own daughter i react to her sounds what should i do to calm my nerves

  • It is perfectly natural to be nervous at first. No doubt you have never felt so much love OR responsiblity before in your life. When I first had my child it was a feeling I never much intense emotion and fear. Luckily, as you spend each day with her and get more comfortable with her care, your anxiety should lessen. If you find that your anxiety is increasing, talk with your doctor to rule out any post partum issues. Talk to your friends who have children and surround yourself with a great support system if you can...never underestimate the importance of mothers and sisters right now.

    Hope this helps, let us know how you are doing!

  • How old is your baby? It is perfectly normal for new moms to be nervous or anxious when holding their babies and for every little sound to make them a little weary. You will get used to all your baby's sounds and know exactly what she wants and needs just by the sounds that she makes. If you are feeling overwhelmed or depressed, you need to speak to your doctor. This could be a sign of postpartum depression. If you believe that you just have new mommy jitters, relax. Becoming a mommy is both exciting and a little nerve-wracking at the same time. You're young, too, but you will soon get used to this new and rewarding experience.

  • i am still tense i keep telling myself i can do it and i hope i can i love her so much but its hard work and i hope to get better at it

  • People have been caring for their children since the beginning of man, and what can help you is that a major percentage of these people had a more difficult life and less support and knowledge than you do. What kind of support do you have at home? If there is no family member who can help you become more confident, maybe a local support group for new mothers could help give your confidence a boost.

  • my family and my best friends and my mom and my support groups i just feel like sometimes i dont tell myself i can do it

  • I had my first baby 5 weeks ago and all the emotions afterward were pretty intense. The nervousness and anxiety will normally ease after a few weeks, but if they don't make sure you ask your doctor. If you have family or friends that could help you right now it will be very beneficial to you. Labor and delivery is a lot of work and your body just needs time to recover from it. Let people help as much as they can and get some much needed rest if you can. The feelings will lessen as time goes by and soon you will be an old pro at being a mommy.

  • I find that humming or singing to my little one calms us both down :)

    Good luck getting past the nervous doesn't last forever!

  • thanks yea i have been doing better and i sing to her and i read to her she almost 3 months old

  • I had a phobia carrying my daughter up and down the stairs when she was a newborn. I can be a bit clumsy, and pictured myself falling down the stairs and seriously injuring her. It was pretty irrational, but was my first experience as a parent of worrying about the worst and panicking. I was able to overcome it though and I don't even think about it now.