opposite of other babies- no fear....anyone else?

  • Hello community,

    I read a lot on these posts of baby's separation anxiety and fear of strangers and clinging to Mom.  My little boy is 6 months old and has NO fear of strangers!  He smiles at everyone like they are his best friend.  He loves his babysitter and rarely cares if mom and dad leave.  From the very beginning I made a point of letting him be handled by my friends and family and I'm so happy that he is so confident but I get a little worried that he should be more wary of strangers by now.  It seems like it is mostly parents with little girls that have a greater wariness and clinginess.  Is this true?  I'm a first time parent and would love to hear from other parents.

  • Don't worry....babies develop separation anxiety and a fear of strangers at different times. Due to differing personalities, some babies have a very "strong" sense of fear while others rarely bat an eye.

    My oldest was the same way....never met a stranger. But even he went through a "mommy only" phase for a month or two around 14 - 15 months. You probably have a very happy and social baby...good for you. Don't worry that he isn't afraid of strangers...he just might not be a fearful tyke. This of course has its advantages and disadvantages. When my oldest turned 4, we had to really explain the whole "don't talk to strangers thing". If you are still concerned, talk with your pediatrician to get her advice.

  • I agree with MommyRN... there is nothing to be alarmed at. It will eventually happen where there is a clingy stage for your baby, and then you will worry about beeing too clingy. This parenthood thing rarely allows you to be exactly comfortable without worrying in some way or another.

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my post.  You are right, and I am so thankful that i have a happy, social baby.  Like you say, this has its advantages and disadvantages.  At some point, he'll need to learn to be careful of strangers, but I guess I can let him enjoy his trust in humans for a little while longer.  Thanks!