7 month old that just started waking up screaming

  • My daughter is 7 months old tomorrow and since day one she slept through the night but just within the last week or so she will be asleep in her crib for the night and 2-3 hours later wake up screaming and not go back to sleep for hours. Last night she woke up at 2 and went back at 6 and only slept 2 more hours. I dont know what to do, she goes to sleep around 8:30 with the help of the bottle, and I tried letting her cry it out but she gets hysterical and panting I get too nervous. I know her teeth hurt but I cant understand that during the day she naps nice and her teeth don't bother her then only at night she does this. Oh and by the way her naps will be much shorter if I attempt to put her in the crib. She wakes up the second I put her down. Is she spoiled? Please help this is my first child and I want to rectify any problems I may be creating before she gets older.

  • My first thought is that you should take her to the pediatrician's office to rule out an ear infection. Many babies at this age get an ear infection and it worsens when they lay down. As the pressure builds, they wake up screaming and are difficult to get back to sleep. Once your pediatrician rules out an ear infection or other illness, you can tackle any "behavioral issues". Hope this helps.

  • I agree with the ear infection idea it also may just be her teeth since at night pain worsens in general because there is less distraction and the body has alot to do with it.  Think about it you feel worse at night when sick so do our little ones.  I don't think she sounds spoiled at all I have 3 and they've all gone through it.  My youngest is almost 7 months and slept through the night until recently also.  Do what feels right to you.  It's your daughter and no one elses.  Don't think you are spoiling her because other people do or don't do the same thing, to each their own sweetie and you're figuring out your parenting style day-by-day.  Its new for you both.  Enjoy it while it lasts trust me when I say it goes by entirely too fast!!!