green poop

  • My 6 week old breastfed baby has stinky green poop. Has anyone else had this happen? Just want to know how common it is.

  • My son just had stinky green poop yesterday and he's 9 weeks old. Totally normal is what my ped said.

  • This is totally normal for your baby's poop to be green.  That's the color it should be right now.  As your baby gets older, the poop will change colors.  It will probably turn yellow at some point, and then brown. 

  • My baby girl had stinky green poops too and only bf.  The dr said nothing to worry about, but the la leche league said it could be a food allergy.  I didn't change my diet and her poops turned back normal looking.  Every once in awhile they are green though and she's now 4 months old.  I would definetly talk to your doc if you are concerned. 

  • my baby had a green poop too when he was 6-week old.  you may refer to diaper decoder from this site:

    whether the baby's poop is dark green or bright green, there's nothing to worry about.  the dark green is a product of iron supplement in baby's diet while the bright green is from a breastfed babies who receive more fore milk than hind milk.

    my baby is now 8 weeks old and his poop turned dark green everytime i gave him milk that contains more iron in it.

  • Sounds normal to me... the previously posted explanations sound logical, but so does checking with your doctor if you need reassurance/