• Hi, everyone i am new in this community.  My name is Amber and i have 8 months old son.i have a question i am going to travel next month with my son for 18 hours .  I am pretty confused any suggestions?

  • Well, at 8 months, he is still sleeping a lot. Make sure you prepare his feedings beforehand, so you have it ready for the plane. The ambient noise of the plane will relax him and he may actually sleep more. Bring his favorite little toys, those small enough to pack in a carry-on. Dress him in layers because you can never predict what the temperature will be onboard an airplane. This way, you can remove clothes if the plane is very warm and dress him with more layers if it is very cold. Make sure to keep him away from sick contacts. If anyone is coughing or sneezing around him, ask they politely to wear a mask. Your baby is an infant and may not get over a cold as an adult would. Bring tylenol and your insurance information, just in case. Bring diaper rash creams and any vitamins. Have your pediatrician make sure he is up-to-date with all his vaccinations and bring his contact information in case you have a question or an emergency.

  • Pedi Nurse did a great job of answering your questions. I would add to watch your baby carefully after you land for any symptoms of a cold or an ear infection. Sometimes the pressure change can lead to ear infections. Also, check with your pediatrician for any infromation you might need if your baby does get sick out of the country.