2 month old

  • in the middle of the nite my 2 month old will be sleeping but fussing after 2 hours and normally he would go back to sleep after a few minutes later but now if he starts fussing and realizes no one is getting him he starts banging his legs and then starts screaming his head off till u pick him up. i dont understand y all of a sudden he started doing this anyone have any advice as to wat to do?

  • At this age, he is becoming more aware of his surroundings and that nobody is there for him. He is still very young, so there is not too much you can do for now but console him. In another month or two, you can begin to try to do some things to make him calm himself down better, such as letting him cry it out, but that isn't going to work yet.

  • don't wory, it's wut 2 month olds do, mine just turned 2 months old, and does the same thing, i'll feed her, and change her, then put her back down, then after a little bit she'll start kicking, and crying cuz i'm not holding her/paying attention to her, but she gets over it after a little bit when she realizes that i'm not gana pick her up, so don't wory, it'll get better soon, once she gets use to sleep patern at nite,

  • I agree with the others. At 2 months, he is now realizing that if he cries, you will come get him and pick him up. The more he cries, the faster you will come get him. He knows this. Try letting him soothe himself. I know hearing him cry is upsetting, but once he learns how to soothe himself, he won't need mommy and daddy to come get him multiple times during the night.

  • My 2 month old used to be fussy when I would put him down because he was almost asleep but didn't get there and then wouldn't stop crying until I picked him up.  I read an article that white noise helps calm down a baby and soothes them.  As soon as he gets fussy I turn on the white noise and out he goes.  You might try that.  Good luck!