• how does this habit start?  My son (almost 5 months) keeps getting up during the night fussing - like every hour - and the only thing that gets him back is the binky - which I hate b/c it continuously falls out - I really don't want to use it anymore, but in the middle of the night in my sleepless delirium sometimes I don't know what to older son sucked his thumb for comfort...should i take the binky away? 

  • Ah...yes. Using pacifiers is a double edge sword...they are great but can be a pain when they fall out. You might try using a different pacifier that stays in your baby's mouth a bit better.

    Overall, your baby will need to learn how to put himself back to sleep. This is of course easier said than done. At night and before naps, feed your baby and then put him down in his crib in a dimly lit room and let him put himself to sleep by listening to music, watching his mobile or aquarium. Gradually, this habit will transfer to the middle of the night.

    Although this will take time, in the grand scheme of things, it hopefully will a short lived phase. Good luck

  • my son spit out his pacifiers constantly, while still wanting them too. I kept trying different styles. Finally I found soothies which is shaped like a traditional bottle nipple and at 3 months he holds it in his mouth on his own. so try different styles you may find he'll be able to keep in the one that suites him best.

  • i was given some good advice about the binkie. my son doesnt breastfeed, so i was able to start the binkie in the hospital. which he took too very well....and helped with the constant need to suck. anyway, i was given the advice to start phasing out the binkie at around 4 months, only giving it to him when in the car, or crying inconsolably, and of course while sleeping. then at 5 months (which he hasnt reached yet) try and just give it for naps times and bedtimes. 6 months, just bedtimes. and by seven he may not need it at all. i am looking forward to seeing if this works.

  • The binky helps your baby to soothe himself when he grows uncomfortable. If he finds comfort in using the binky, then this surely will not hurt him. He is still an infant and trying to take away the binky at an older age might teach him self-soothing. Mommies can't always be there to soothe babies in the middle of the night and that's where the binky comes into play. If the binky makes you uncomfortable, then by all means, try to wean your baby from using one, but he is still learning how to self-soothe and that may not be the best idea at this age. Your older son sucked his thumb to self-soothe, just as your infant uses the binky.
  • The binkie has been great for our daughters, but my oldest needs to stop relying on it... this should be somewhat difficult but it's time. Anyone have any advice on how to begin this process?

  • I had a friend who told her daughters that the "binkie fairy" was coming tonight to take their binkies to little babies around the world who needed them. In exchange, the binkie fairy brought them each a special big girl surprise for becoming a big girl.

    My own mother took my sister's binkie away by telling her that Santa Claus needed them. My sister gladly left hers out for Santa to take and never looked back!