6 mo old needs haircut?!?

  • Has anyone had to get their baby's hair cut before they were a year old?  My baby was born with so much hair (he could have had it cut on day one) now that he is 6 months old it has gotten really long and bothersome in is face.  Just was hoping to hear about others that had to do this.  I'm alittle nervous on getting it cut with him being so young.

  • Wow...your little guy must have a lot of hair! Cutting their hair is absoultely fine for them at any age. You can try to find a "child" salon that specializes in cutting infant's hair. If you are still worried about it, run it by your pediatrician first before going...just remember to take along your camera for those special "first haircut" pictures.

  • Thank you so much for the reassurance and the advice.  I will for sure remember to bring the camera, I rarely go any place without it!

  • So cute! Don't be nervous about your baby getting his haircut. Trimming his locks won't hurt him. He's very lucky that he has so much hair....when he is older, he will appreciate it! Take him to a children's barber shop/salon, where they only cut children's hair. The stylists are used to dealing with young children and will be more patient and understanding. Take your camera and enjoy this first moment!

  • I took my son at 6 months old....I just went to an inexpensive place "Great Clips"-  I held him on my lap and it was no big deal.  OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE CAMERA!  Anyway, I was very happy I took him. I admit I too felt weird about it at first, but I have no regrets...infact he needs another cut already and it's only been a few weeks!

    Good luck!Smile

  • Thanks so much everyone I feel so much better!  You all have eased my mind about this!

    Thank you!