[:'(] could my 3mth be already teething

  • [:'(] my baby keeps putting her hand in her mouth and I put my finger in her mouth and her gums feel bumpy and she likes it when I message her gums she stops crying. So could she be teething early or no?

  • yes she could be starting thats wen mine stated now shes five months still doin it and no tooth yet!

  •  My daughter is also 3 mos. She puts her hands in her mouth constantly and seems like she's chewing or sucking on them. She's drooling too. I had her at the pediatrician last week and mentioned it, they said she's probably just discovering she can put her hands in her mouth. They said normally this is too early for teething. Usually it's b/t 4-6 mos. Nothing is showing and she's not running a fever or fussy. So I'll just keep checking her mouth.

  • It is totally possible for her to teeth this early. Average age is about 6 months, but some babies are early teethers. You are right on with the massage. I always kept a wet washcloth in a plastic back in the fridge for a quick soother.

  • Ok, I have already tried posting this once but here goes.

    Yes, it is absolutely possible that your 3 month old is teething.  Some babies can begin teething at as young as 3 months and some babies don't get their first tooth until 12 months.  However, average age for the first tooth is about 7 months.  My son is 7 and a half months old and got his first tooth around 5 months.  He did begin teething at around 4 months though.

  • my bugger started teathing about 3 months, later i learned that i had 4 teeth in at 4 months, so then i wasn't so scared

  • It's entirely possible for her to be teething already, though less likely that early than later on. My daughter started fairly early by getting bumps just under the gums, and shortly after the teeth themselves began to break through. If she is very upset at nights, and running a slight fever those can be signs of teething - my daughter had the fever symptom only with some teeth but was cranky through all of them. Orajel (or oragel I cant remember the spelling off the top of my head) worked wonders for helping soothe her at nights, just a thought for the future when the do start breaking through.

  • My 2-year-old has been chewing on anything and everything since she could bring her hands to her mouth. I, too, thought she was teething when a little white bump appeared on her gums at three months. It turned out they were what the pedi called "pearls," which were not a sign of teething. All of the drool and chewing is a normal phase of development that won't end anytime soon. I still have drool stains on my shoulders from when I dropped Jordan off at daycare this morning!


  • My baby is almost 5 months and she is teething.  She has 2 little teeth coming in on the bottom.   But she had been chewing on her hands and blowing little bubbles for several weeks before we ever realized she was teething.  I thought she was early from everything that I had read on websites but my mother-in-law said that my husband had 4 teeth when he was 5 months old.

  • Our little ones love to surprise us. Congrats on the first teeth kimcassie! Hope she isn't keeping you up at nights like ours did Wink.