bathing babies

  • how often are babies supposed to get a bath? my son is 7 weeks old, and i've been giving him a bath once or twice a week, is that enough or does he need one more often?  he really seems to enjoy bathtime, but its a little bit of a hassle for me, he squirms alot.  i'd really apprecieate some advise on this.

  • I give my baby a bath every other day, or every day.

    Even though it is a hassle it is special bonding with your baby and if he likes it even better!

    It also helps put the baby to sleep.

    If you give the baby a bath every night at the same time it will help mellow them down and get into routine.

  • Your baby at 7 weeks can get a bath every other day with a mild soap to be sure his skin doesn't get dry. At 7 weeks, your baby doesnt need a bath daily since there is not much activity yet. Use a hypo-allergenic lotion after the bath.
  • having a bath every day makes my sons skin dry and his scalp starts to flake. So if he needs one, he gets one. If i just feel like letting him get wet because he likes it, we just give him a "bath" without the batheing. he sits in his tub and I pour warm water over him and rub him down w/ nothing but love! then he gets dried off and lotioned up and he's calm and smells great-without the flake!