Help with sleeping issue!!!!!!

  • Hello all,

    My 5 month old sleeps in the bed with my husband and I. We were both sick for about two weeks and well we made the mistake of bringing him to bed with us.  Now he won't sleep in his crib.  He is not a baby who can be left to cry, he won't stop and gets very worked u.  Any suggestions on how to get im back in his own bed?


  • Sabrina,

    Why is he a baby that can not be left to cry? Does he have a medical condition or do you just not want him to cry? The only reason I am asking is because that helps me better answer your question.

  • If you leave him to cry he just keeps working himself up.  We have tried it a couple times.  He never settles down.  I have spoken to his doctor abiut it and he said to not allow him to cry.  When he does he gets so worked up he gags and begins to cough uncontrollably.

  • Sabrina,

    I can relate to not letting your baby cry.  My daughter also chokes and gags from working herself up so much.  One thing I have discovered is that her gums are getting ready to produce teeth.  I'm not saying your child is doing the same, but sometimes my daughter will sleep on her own in her crib if I give her a pacifier.  Try that a couple of times and see if it works.  I wouldn't worry about forming a bad habit.  You all need your sleep and I would say having a child who doesn't want to get out of bed with you is worse than trying to get them to stop taking a pacifier later. Good luck!

  • Unfortunately, he is probably going to cry if you are doing something that he doesn't want. BUT that doesn't mean that you have to let him "cry it out" on his own. At night, try establishing a bedtime routine that helps him know what is coming next. Give him a warm bath, read him a story or two and then tuck him in bed with a mobile on or a nightlight and some soothing classical music. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on repeat works great!

    When he crys, let him cry for a few minutes but don't let him get uncontrollable. Then walk in his room and in a soothing voice, tell him that it is night night time and that he needs to go to sleep. Rub his back or hold him and rock him for a few minutes until he calms down and begins to drift off. Then leave the room just before he goes to sleep. He might cry and begin all over again, but continue to do this routine until he falls asleep. When he gets up in the middle of the night, do the SAME consistant and within the week he should be sleeping like a baby.

    Since your doctor recommended that he not be left to cry, I would also recommend running your sleeping schedule idea past him. He may have other suggestions to add as well. Good luck with your sleep schedule and let us know how it goes.


  • Sabrina,

    I have had the same problem but if the music and pacifier doesn't work there is the method of lying him in his bed when he is tired and sitting right beside it rubbing his back or tummy while singing/humming.  It took my son about a week and a half to sleep in his bed and all night without crying and now he doesn't like to be in my bed at all.  Good luck and keep trying eventually he'll be peacefully back in his crib.