Getting rid of the pacifier???

  • When your baby first comes home, the pacifier can be a lifesaver for both you and your baby. But as the year progresses, the pacifier often becomes something that is difficult to get rid of. When should you get rid of your baby's pacifier? What is the best way to ditch the binky for good? Discuss your pacifier success stories.

  • I recently read an article that the "connection" to the pacifier is formed by 9 months.  So if possible ditch it before then.  I recently took my daughter's away just before her 2nd birthday.  We went cold turkey, it was hard, but we managed to kick it over a weekend.

  • I'm not sure why some children seem to cling to a binky and why some don't. I didn't have to take it from my daughter, she actually gave it up on her own. One day I went to give it to her and she just nibbled on it a bit (she was teething) and then tossed it away and that was it. This was around 6 months of age or so if I remember. I was adopted and using a binky at 2 years still, as a source of comfort owing to less than perfect life before. When my mother took the binky, she said I didn't fuss much, but continued to suck thumb and fingers until I was about 3, then that stopped too. My fiance's mother says he also gave up the binky on his own.