Almost four month old does not like naps.

  • I have a four month old baby, who fights naps anytime after noon tooth and nail. I have tried comforting him and rocking him, but the moment I put him down he wakes up. I have also tried crying it out. But he just cries, and doesn't give up. He is cranky without his nap, and wants to go to bed around five pm. Which is obviously to early because I have two older daughters with buys schedules. He sleeps pretty well at night and usually only gets up one time.

    Any suggestions?

  • What time would you like your child to go to sleep at night? Would 9 or 10 be too late or do you want him to go to sleep at 8ish? 

    I had a friend who finally gave up and let her daughter go to sleep for the night at 5:30 every evening. YOu could also try to let him sleep for an hour around 4 pm and then see if he is tired for the night around 9ish. Otherwise, you may have to shorten the morning nap that he is taking. Also, what time is he getting up in the morning?

  • With my first born, who is now seven, I never had a set nap time. I let her fall asleep on her own any time during the day. More than half the time she would fall asleep right on the floor wihile playing with her toys. Then she did not go to bed until I did. It made my life so much easier.

    Let me know if this helps at all.

    I now have a 19 day old as well.

  • Ha.. do we have the same kid?? LOL Only my LO doesn't like naps ever!  HE will be 4 months on the 19th.  I have finally gotten some success with naps.. although he doesn't stay down longer than 30-45 minutes.  For a few days in a row I just stuck with it. I would pat/sway/rock him until he fell asleep, then I would lay him down in his crib, of course he woke up 5 minutes later so I would grab him (before he got worked up CIO didn't work for me either) and rock him back to sleep.. repeat until he finally stays down.  After a few days of this naps are much easier..   The funny thing is come 8-9pm he is ready for bed and we just lay him down in his crib.. awake and he goes right to sleep and stays a sleep until morning.  So maybe bad nappers equal good night sleepers?

    Good Luck!

  • Glad to here things worked out for you>

  • My son was the same way and I tried everything and what finally got his to take his naps was to offer him a little bit of milk right before his naps.  I wouldn't do it all the time but just when he would fight me on it.