Choosing a Daycare

  • We shopped around for the right daycare. Not only did we visit as many as we could in the area, we talked with other parents about their experiences. When it came down to it, we chose a place that was close to our house and our parents’ house, had the smallest number of children in the baby room (most daycares had had 12 as the limit, this one had 8) and had the best tuition rate. The workers were nice, the place was clean, and everything just “felt” right. What did you look for when trying to choose a daycare center for your baby? Share your stories!

  • I think you nailed it... another thing I liked about our daughter's daycare is that it was right next to the local police station... not that it was a priority ahead of the other things you mentioned, but it was a nice bonus. For us, it also just felt like the right combination of things that made it seem like the best place.