7month and already trying to walk.

  • My little girl started full on crawling just a little over a month now, and now she thinks she can walk.

    It is the funnest thing to see she starts on her butt then gets in the crawling position. next thing her little feet are under her. ( she looks like she is doing yoga) and then the big puch-up she trys so hard. her little legs wiggle and then she gets mad and sits back down, with this look of disappointment.

    I just worry her little legs are not strong to hold her weight, she not heavy but she has been standing since she was able to hold up her head. of course with help.

    Crazy first time mom worrys.

  • That's great! Your baby may not have the strength to stand and walk yet, but don't worry because a baby's legs are so short and flexible, there is nothing to worry about. My daughter is eight months and is about to walk as well, starting much earlier than her 2-year old sister who walked closer to her first birthday.

  • That's Wonderful! I'm pregnant with my first child so I don't know from my own experience with a child, but I know that I was almost eight months old when I started walking, and I was a very chubby kid. She'll be great! Congrats to ya!!

  • my baby was actually walking at 8.5 months which i think is very early. my oldest was 11 months and my 2nd was 10 months. so it is possible.

  • Aren't babies something! Her legs are not strong enough right now to hold her weight, but they will be in the next month or so. She is giving herself a little workout. These milestones are just so exciting. She seems to be advanced, so consider yourself lucky! Let us know how she is doing!