Do I wake her up to stick with the schedule?

  • Hello... my 3-month old baby girl has been really good sleeping thru the night since she was 6 weeks old. She sleeps for 9-10 hours... We start doing our bedtime routine (reading a book, cuddling, etc) around 9:30 pm, she is asleep between 10-11 pm. She wakes for a quick feed at 7 am but goes back to sleep after 15-20 minutes and wakes again between 9:30 am and 10:30 am. Sometimes she can sleep until 10 am without any feed in between.

    Now my question is should I wake her up at 7 am so we can stick with her daily schedule of eating, napping and playtime? Or should I let her sleep until 10 am? She will be 4 months soon and I have to transition her to eating every 4 hours (I have no idea how to do this). Is it better to wake the baby up to stick with the schedule or just let them have their beauty rest?

  • Hi. My daughter just turned 3 months and I have her on a feeding schedule. I know that some moms do not agree with that... however, it has worked out great with me. With sleeping, my daughter has the same sleeping pattern as yours. I let my daughter sleep through out the day. I think that with the time change in the Fall and winter.... it's just makes everyone more tired. She still falls asleep at night for me. Hope this helps you.

  • I would let her sleep.  I'm not a big believer in a strict feeding schedule, and I feed my son every 3-4 hours and have never made him wait to take a bottle or eat baby food.  My son is now 10 1/2 months and eats about every 2 hours; a bottle than 2 hours later a 4 oz. jar of baby food, so a strict eating schedule never really worked with him (and I still will feed him more if he demands it before the 2 hours is up).  Besides, if you wake her it may throw her off this sleep schedule, which you seem to like.

  • Hi. My daughter Lilyanna is almost eight months old now, but she was sleeping through the night by just a few weeks also. I was nursing at the time so I asked our lactation consultant if I should be waking her up to stick to our schedual. She told me that it would be better to let her sleep through the night. Your baby will let you know if she is hungry and as long as she is gaining weight and meeting her developmental milestones you both should just enjoy a good night's restSmile 

  • I have a 21 month old and we put her on a schedule in the hospital it really works now because she had to learn to eat when we ate. it  really helped when she hit growth spurts.

  • Thank you so much for your inputs... I will do just that! Thanks again!

  • I agree with those that think that sleep is more important. While any parent will tell you having a good routine is key, I also know some parents who are slaves to the routine, and won't do anything (weddings, vacations and even dinners) if it will alter the schedule in every way. I am a firm believer that a scheduled routine is important, but so is the ability to use common sense and improvise when circumstances dictate a day here or there that departs from the routine.

  • I agree with Answer Dad! Let her sleep if she wants to. Every child is different and since she is such a good sleeper at night, I wouldn't do anything to mess with that!!!