Sleeping in the crib

  • I have a 6 month old beautiful baby.  He is perfect in all ways but one- his sleeping.  He will only sleep at night if he lays next to me.  I did this to myself when he was first born.  Now I cant seem to get him into his crib.  Also, he still wants to eat at 4 hour intervals in the middle of the night!  Help!  I know about the cry-it-out method and am afraid to do it (afraid I wont be able to handle it).  Any advice?

  • I dont have much advice to offer I'm afraid - we started out similiarly with our daughter in the bed because it helped her sleep. She's almost 17 months old and still with us Wink. From what experiences I had when we did get her to sleep in a crib (teething ended her back in bed with us), a bedtime routine helps a lot. We would get her ready for bed, give her a full bottle to fill her up, and then at the same time every night put her in her crib. Usually she'd cry for the first 5-10 minutes, but then settle down and go to sleep that on her own. If she woke up in the night we would pat her back until she soothed back to sleep, but tried to not take her out of the crib as much as possible during bedtime.