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  • My baby won't sleep in his crib but will sleep in his carrier. He wakes up if I put him in the crib. I even have let him cry . He will cry up to 20- 30 minutes. I don't know what to do.

  • How old is he? If the carrier works, then why mess with it. Whatever makes him confortable is most important. Maybe try swaddling your son if he needs the close security of the carrier.

  • My baby is 5 weeks old. I've been putting the carrier in the crib. It seems to work but I know I will have to transition him into his crib when he outgrows his carrier. I'm just not sure what technique will work
  • Talk to your doctor...your baby may have a bit of reflux which is why he prefers to sleep more upright than lying flat. Your doctor may have some solutions to help you transition your baby to sleeping on his back in his crib. This may also just be a phase and one that you may be able to win by slowly transitioning him to his crib when he is asleep. Try swaddling him well so he wont realize that he is being put down!

  • my daughter did the same thing and i was told its because they don't feel tight cause its a big open space. i put my child in its car seat till it was 2 1/2mos old and i use a bassinet and i use a blanket and tuck the blanket from the chest down sung. try that. i would keep the baby in the car seat for a bit and try putting the blanket sung when in the crib.

  • My son is the same way. He is 8 weeks old and for the life of me i cannot get him in that crib he can be sound asleep and i will try to put him down in the crib and he wakes up screaming! i cant even get him in there at all i feel like im doing something wrong most of the time. But hes sound sleeping in his swing or car seat. So i am not sure of what to do with that. Hes getting to used to falling aslep in my arms or in a swing.. am i ever going to be able to get him in his crib?

  • what i am doing is placing the car seat in his crib so he can get use to the crib area and his room. he doesnt seem to mind that. People have also suggested swaddling him tight and placing him in the crib when he is not crying, but awake. I know it can be frustrating, try not let him get use to sleeping in your arms too much. if not that will be the only way he will want to sleep. Babies are very smart and know how to work us parents over.Good luck
  • Everyone I have talked to say that babies feel most comfortable and secure when sleeping close to their parents. My doctor also said that she didn't start her 3 sons in their cribs until around 6 months however others have said that 3 months is a good time to start. My 3 month old son has slept in a co-sleeper up until about a week ago and I've just begun having him sleep in his crib and he does quite well. Some things that I've noticed that help him is while he is awake, I try and let him explore his crib at least once a day by placing him on his back, under his mobile. He'll watch that for at least 10 minutes sometimes more. Also at around 8 weeks I started laying him in his crib, awake, but tired, for naps so he began getting used to it. At night, the same rule applies now. We started a bedtime routine about an hour before he's ready to sleep and once he starts showing early signs of being tired, I lay him in his crib, still awake, and remain by his crib for a few minutes so he knows Im still close, but then leave the room. Because he was already used to napping in his crib, I haven't had problems at night with crying.
  • Hello,

    My first two children slept in their carriers until they were able to roll over. After that, I think they were able to get more comfortable in the crib.

  • My 8 week old has been rolling over for 2 weeks now, im not sure why then he cant get comfy..

  • If you haven't already tried it, try warming the sheets before putting baby down - going from warm arms or a snug carrier to a cold crib wakes some babies.  If you preheat the sheets with a hot water bottle or heating pad set on low (just remove them and make sure the seets aren't too hot before laying baby down), he may stay asleep better.

  • my daughter was the same way. she ended up sleeping in the car seat for 2 months, then we slowly introduced her to her crib. check about acid reflex its a very good idea.

  • yeah, I tried that too... It worked sometimes..

    I'm hoping baby number 3 will be a good sleeper! Wink