Digital Portable Heater and Humidifier

  • Hello... anyone has any recommendation on a good portable heater and humidifier for just one room? The humidifier we have makes a loud noise. The portable heater makes a 'click, click' sound when the thermostat reading is below the programmed setting. Having both running makes quite a 'noise'. Please HELP... it is getting really cold and both the sound from the heater and humidifier keeps waking my daughter up both day and night.

    THANK YOU in advance!

  • For us, the sound of the humidifier was a help for sleep... the steady noise seemed to help. Not sure you will find a silent humidifier...

  • The sound of the humidifier is actually preferable but the problem is when both the humidifier and the heater are working at the same time. When the heater turns on (digital with a temp setting), the humming sound of the humidifier slows down and then the sound gets louder when the heater turns off to a standby setting.... and the heater makes a click click sound when it does that. Thanks!

  • you can find a humidifier that is silent just read the box. i have one that sounds like and aquarium.

  • try getting maybe a smaller space heater they have less features but you can put them higher up where they can't be reached they  tend to make less noise i have one and the fan is very quite plus it has a option to have the fan part on high or low when it's blowing the heat so if high is too loud youcan always try it on the low setting. As for humidifiers I've never needs one but mayve try a small one made by wicks where you just add water the ones you'd use mostlikely if you had a cold those are pretty quite just put it up high where it can't be reach again incase it gets to warm.

  • Thank you so much for the inputs... I think she is getting used to the clicking sound of the heater and the humming sound of the humidifier. I think we'll stick with what we have for now. Thank you!