Going to the Crib

  • I think it's time. My baby is 4 mos old this weekend. She's been in a cradle in my bedroom. I'm concerned about her rolling into the bumper pads during her sleep. SIDS scares me! She can't roll over yet, but she scoots across the crib so easy when playing or napping. She seems to wind up with her face against the bumper pad and her mouth open. I don't know if tha's comforting to her or what. When napping or playing I always slide her away from it. But during the night how will I know if she's breathing against it ok? I'm worried sick about it. Help.

  • You can either take out the bumper pad and buy one of the shields that keeps them from putting limbs through railing, but is breathable or You can use nothing at all and she will be fine. She will cry and let you know if she gets an arm or a leg stuck.

    I used a bumper pad with my son, but nothing at all with my daughter because she was prone to putting her face in it. I also had to stop throwing her quilt on the side of the crib. She managed to pull it down onto her face once.

  • Have you tried one of those positioning pads? Sassy makes one that I really liked. It has a gently inclining wedge with adjustable side pads to help keep baby's head elevated and keep baby from turning over in her sleep.

    Mind you, both my girls only wanted to use the positioners for a few weeks. Both were adamant about sleeping on their tummies. But for how long they allowed it, it worked well.

  • I'm working on transitioning my 4 month old to her crib as well. She'll still be in my room so that gives me a bit of a comfort that it sounds like you don't have; perhaps you could move her crib into your room for a few weeks while she's first in it just to see how well she sleeps and if her moving around is actually going to be a problem. I know my daughter sleeps much more heavily when she's out for the night then when she's napping during the day, if yours does as well then her scooting her face against the bumper may not even be an issue.

    As was already mentioned you could get a positioner for her or just used a couple of rolled up blankets/towels and tuck them beside her body (down away from her face of course) so that she can't scoot/roll quite so much.

    Hope it works out for you! :)

  • We had bumpers in our crib but were afraid they would suffocate her. With them removed she did just fine though... most of the time she did not end up near them bars at all because she preferred staying in the middle of the crib (she doesn't move a lot in her sleep to begin with thankfully). If you're worried you can set the crib up near your bed or get a very loud baby monitor (ours can pick up most of the small noises she makes when it's cranked all the way up) and try putting her to bed early so you can stay up awhile to check on her.