• my 3 week old son (this is my first child) grunts all the time, sometimes he is gassy but not all the time, he even does it when he is asleep. i don't know if i should do anything i.e. pick him up or just let him be. i get especially worried at night (he is sleeping him is own room, next to our room in a bassinet).

  • Babies are notoriously loud when they sleep. They grunt and groan and make all sorts of noises. This is really normal and as long as your baby doesn't seem uncomfortable...I would let him be.

  • My 11wk daughter honks like a goose. Especially when she's stretching. Sometimes it'll wake her up, but that's ok. Between her and DH's snoring, I can't sleep in a quiet room anymore. :-)
  • My daughter is one month and she still does that (she's grunting through her nap as I type this!) - as does my friend's baby who is also a month old.  Even though I know it's normal I still worry also (curse of the first-time mother!) but I'm finding this is very common.