babywise and sleeping thru the night

  • My precious boy is now 3 weeks old today! He amazes me and my husband everyday! I realize this is a bit premature but want feedback on how to best get him to sleep thru the night. I don't expect this to happen for another month or so but want to know if I'm on the right track. We currently feed him every 3 hours, if he is awake after eating--especially during day--we give him lots of awake time and attention. This sometimes lasts 1-2 hours then he goes to sleep well. Many times we have to wake him up to feed him. I also began giving him baths at night which helps him to sleep well.I know there is no right or wrong way to do this but I want to know what has worked and not worked for the experienced parents out there.

    I have 2 significant issues. The first being the paci--sometimes Jack won't sleep without it and gets frustrated whenever it pops out of his mouth. It's an endless battle at nightime when we all just want to sleep. Any recommendations on making this better? My other issue is the book Babywise. I have heard many pros and cons about it and its methods for getting baby to sleep thru night. I have read it some but my Mom has told me from day one to never stick strictly to books when it comes to taking care of baby. Instinct is best. I haven't read the book in depth but would like to hear feedback from all of you!

  • Congratulations!  My son Landon will be 4 months on the feels like 3 weeks was just the other day!

    Our son started sleeping 6-7 hours around 6 weeks.  Getting him to bed was the hardest.....hearing his cries from the crib were heartbreaking!  We would let him cry it out if we new he was clean and fed.  It seemed to get better each night.  But then all of a sudden a few weeks ago he wouldn't fall asleep, so we are letting him sleep in his swing and are going to ease him back to his crib this week.  He seems to not like being flat when he sleeps. 

    For the Paci - I have heard that you can put it in and hold it there, then walk away.  Then go back and put it back in once it pops out.  I guess eventually they should fall asleep and maybe not need it back in. Landon doesn't use his bink that much

    I feel that the bath at night does seem to help.  We give him his night time bath, read a story, and then feed him.  It seems to help.

    Good Luck!

  • I have read Babywise and while they have some good advice in there...I agree with your mother. When it comes to YOUR baby, you alone are the best judge on how he is doing. There is no ONE way to do it...otherwise we wouldn't all be in discussion about it. Your baby sounds like he is right on track. The pacifier is difficult because many babies do fuss when they lose it. Try a different one...he may be able to hold on to it better. Also, you may try to get him to sleep during the day without it...this might help at night. It sounds like you are definitely on the right track with him. You have begun to establish a schedule and a routine which will go a LONG way towards getting him to sleep through the night. Good luck!

  • if i was you i wood read it to the fullness and then go on instinct  i allso think that slow muic helps the baby sleep better  Big Smile

  • well i agree with rn she has good advice,i have 4 kids and i deff agree on the own instincts,however it is good to get inight i stopped givin my kids rthe binky at abot a month so they dont come dependant,instead i did a soft blankie ,that works trust me and still wrap them with a blanket.deff stay o a routine let them fuss a bit they do and will get it down .you just got to keep your head up and go with the flow.

  • My daughter will be 5 months next week... she started sleeping 4-6 hours when she turned 6 weeks and then from 9-11 hours when she turned three. I have read a lot of books, websites, articles, magazines, talked to other parents. When I say a lot of books, I mean from AP (Attached Parenting) to cry-it-out books and I 100% agree in going with your instincts. Whatever I think best fits me, my daughter and her temperament I go try it out! At this time I follow a 4-hour feeding routine during the day and start pre-bedtime routine at 7 pm (feed, bath, change to jammies) and then nap one more time. At 9 pm she takes one more feed then we read bedtime story books, and then sleep. My daughter hates the pacifier. She used to suck her finger(s) a while back and stopped doing it after a month. My sister-in-law likes Babywise and followed the advice... it worked for her and her baby.