brain: white/grey matter

  • My son is 8 weeks old and we had a ct scan of his head, for one, it's a little mis-shaped on his right side, cause i always hold him on my left, will this correct it'self?? i've been moving him to the other side also.

    Also, the CT scan showed that his white/grey matter are "migrated", but i don't know where or what that means, we are to have an MRI on monday.  Has anyone had a similar issue?

    thank you

  • I can't imagine that his head would be misshapen because of how you hold him.  Sometimes babies will get a flat head on the back because we all put our babies to sleep on their backs now to prevent sids.  Sounds like the dr.s are doing a thorough check up on him to see what the problem could be.  One thing it could be is craniosynostosis, which is when the sutures in the head fuse too soon and is repairable with surgery.  If it is just from positioning, then there is a helmet type thing the dr.s may have him wear.  Hope everything turns out ok with all the testing, I know it can be nerve wracking.

  • What kind of delivery did you have?  If you went vaginal and they used forceps and/or the vacuum that may have effected the shape of his head if it was too much.  Good luck sweetie, let us know how things progress.

  • mommy1208, how did the MRI go? Were the doctors able to tell you anything new? I hope all is okay with your son and that you all are doing well!

  • thank you... for your response...

    we have had an mri now and it shows that he's had a stroke early in the pregnancy. they do not know to what extend if any damage, we go for a child developement eval on monday 2-9-09 to see.  i dont know how they eval someone this small, he's now 9 weeks old.  

    thank you, i love this message board, it's great to hear from others

    i will keep in touch, if that's ok.   have a great day

  • thank you for your reply..

    we  have had an mri and it's showing that he's had a stroke early in the pregnancy, we go for a child developement eval on monday to see what the extent if any damage.  i will keep you posted..   thanks again

  • hello..

    i think i might have replied incorrectly to you, i'm still new at this site/blog/discussion thing.  MRI showed that he's had a stroke, early in pregnancy.

    Let me know if you got the other message from me or not, if not i'll go into more detail again.

    Thank you

  • Oh my goodness, Mommy1208! That is certainly freightening news. How are you doing with all of this?

    My one piece of advice at this point would be to ask your doctors as many questions as possible so that you have as complete an understanding of what is going on with your son as possible. I think that I am very lucky to have a doctor who will answer as many questions as I need to feel comfortable with whatever situation we're faced with as an individual or a family. Every person should feel that they have this same option with their medical practitioners.

    This is a very stressful time for you and you need to make sure you're taking care of yourself and gaining a full understanding of your son's condition and all of the options available for his care. This will not only make you feel more empowered in this situation and abe to make the best decision for your son and your family.

    Please let us know how you and your son are doing. Our thoughts are with you.

  • I did receive your messages, and I hope you received mine. I am sorry for what happened and hope you are all doing okay. It is never easy when something like this happens and you should be proud of how well your son is doing regardless, and of being such a great parent! Please share anytime, I know all of us are behind you and will always be here to listen to you and to support you through this time.

  • good morning

    just thought i'd let you know, we have started PT/OT with my son and in a weeks time he has made great progress they said. We are holding our head better and he was VERY social with the therapists last week. She said that she could tell i've worked hard with him in the past week.  This was very encouraging for me.

    thank you for your reply's..!! 

  • I am glad to hear your baby is better! My baby has a mis-shaped head too!

    It was from having a stiff neck in utero.  I forget the name! I had to do exercises where I made her look the other direction and hold her head for 10 seconds and then put her ear to her shoulder! She would cry at first but it got better! I would do it 10 times a day! I also had to turn her around in her crib and move her toy so she would want to look the other way! The dr didn't really notice it till she was alittle older and now her head is still mis shaped. Maybe your dr was focused on everything else and missed it! Mine asked me if she looks towards one side more then they other and I didn't really notice that she did till now when i look back!


  • That's wonderful news! Have you learned anything more about what the doctors think is going on?

  • Oh my goodness, my prayers are with your son and your family as well. I'm very glad to know he made some progress! I agree that you should probably be well informed about your son and his situation.If I were you I would ask more questions and if the dr avoids them-corner him, that's your son. I've never heard of a baby having a stoke during prgnancy-how does that happen? I hope he continues to make progress, God bless you both.