Gerber graduates puffs

  • hey! my daughter is five months three weeks now. she is doing great on her stage two pureed foods. i was reading some info on the puffs and i was wondering if i can give her some you know like broken in half, since they disolve in the mouth??? she seems really interested in my food and i want to give her a little "something" like a treat. has anyone tried this please let me know 1st time momma here!

  • I gave my daughter the puffs when she was a baby, but you really have to watch them when they're eating them.  They say that they dissolve in the mouth, but they can also become lodged in the babies throat before they dissolve.  I liked these better when my daughter was a little older and could actually chew them up.

  • I agree with the previous poster. The package says they dissolve, but the do not dissolve quickly enough to prevent choking. I wouldn't give finger foods to a baby that small. Even when my children were a little older I started them by breaking it in a few pieces first.

  •  I was also very excited to give my little girl an extra treat.  When she was six months old I would put her in her Bumpo Chair, with the tray, and give her a Wagon Wheel (by Gerber)  they are too large for your baby to put it her mouth but a nice size for baby to practice holding the food and bringing it to her mouth.  She would suck on it for 20 minutes.  She made a big mess and LOVED it.  I kept a good eye on her and never worried about her choking.

    Hope that helps!

  • Personally, I never found that the first foods that supposedly disolve do it fast enough. My kids never got into them and I didn't really try until their teeth and chewing skills were much stronger that I could use Cheerios.

  • Our daughter loves the puffs. I do agree with most posters they don't dissolve super fast (I've even eaten one or two in my time so I know this personally). By the time we started giving her them a few teeth had started poking through so it helped a lot both with her ability to eat them and gave her something tasty to teeth on. If you wanted to start her on them it is probably easiest to watch her the first few times until you know if she is able to eat them without problem - also have a drink nearby for her, they make my daughter thirsty after awhile and it helps any remains dissolve too Wink.