Life's "little" journeys....

  • Hey everyone!

    I have a dilemma. I have two 4 month old baby girls and recently hubby and I have decided to move from Pennsylvania to Iowa...which is quite a drive for adults, let alone infants. I know we'll have to stop every couple of hours to feed them and change them as necessary, but does anyone have any advice on how to make my babies happy campers on the trip. My hubby is going to be driving a U-Haul truck with all our belongings, with me cruising behind him with the girls in the back seat. I'm open to any and all suggestions!

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  • We always take very long trips at  night. We feed and bathe the children and take them in their pj's. Then we listen to lullaby music for the children and load up on  tons of caffeine for ourselves. It makes for a very tired next day, but is better (to us) than having to hear a lot of crying.

  • We make an annual trip to my in-laws who live 15 hours away. What we do is travel at night so that the kids sleep through most of the journey. That way, they're happier because they don't really know they're in the car for so long, and so are we because we can concentrate on the road. We stop frequently for diaper changes and feedings, but all in all, that's the best way we've found traveling long distances to work.

  • Wow BabyNurse, great minds think alike!

  • Realistically that young they may wind up sleeping most of the way anyway.  When my kids were infants they slept in the car all the time, heck they still do at 5 and 3.  Good luck that is a long drive, hope everything works out for you all!

  • Like the others we often travel at night, but honestly our daughter will fall asleep on long car rides during almost any time of day - the advantage of doing it a night is it doesn't mess with her sleeping pattern for the next few nights. We also find leaving her in her pj is the easiest for most long trips. A strong stockpile of her favorite snacks and drinks, a dvd in the player, and her mother sitting in the seat by her car seat also all help for when she gets tired and cranky from being in her car seat.