Tired in boston!!!!

  • hi ladies, i have a six month old and ever since he was about 12 weeks hes slept right through the night...until now...The doctor said if he starts waking up then to start feeding him cereal...well hes been on cereal fruits and veggies for about 4 weeks now, and has his last bottle around 9 or 10pm at night...by 3am hes either wide awake or just moaning and groaning..is this a teething thing or should i be doing something different, he doesnt nap much during the day so im kinda stumped....

  • Tired babies cannot sleep well. I would suggest working on naps during the day. He should nap for 1-2 hours twice daily. Then he should go to bed early 730-8pm. The more tired he is the less he will sleep.

    He definitely might be teething. I would also make sure his ears and everything were okay.