1yr old not sleeping through night?

  • My 1yr old son is still waking up sometimes at night but he's teething horribly is this possibly the reason? Everyone I talk to tells me that he should be sleeping through the night by now which he does most of the time, he also gets very bad ear infections so we were rocking him to sleep for a while. I think I know the answer, to let him cry but I hate doing that I feel horrible. Please tell me that I am not crazy and if you have any tricks I am game for whatever.

  • What time does he wake for his day? What time does he nap? Are you breastfeeding or does he take whole milk?

  • You may have to let him cry a bit, but that does not mean that you let him scream for hours. You do what is in your comfort zone. The best thing you can do is to establish before hand what you are going to do when he wakes up. Decide what you are going to do and exactly how you are going to do it.  When he wakes up, perform the same thing every time and do not deviate. For example:

    1. When he cries at night I will not turn on the light

    2. I will go in his room and say..."Shhh, its okay. Its bedtime and mommy and daddy are sleeping. Go to sleep. I love you."

    3. I will pat him on his back for 1 minute and then turn on his heartbeat bear

    4. I will leave the room.

    Then you need to wait for 5-10 minutes and go back in and do the same things over again. The first few nights will be rough, but within a few nights he will begin to require less of your time because he will know what to do and what is acceptable. He will know what to expect and what comes next.

    Since he does seem to have frequent ear infections though, take him to the doctor and make sure that he is okay and not suffering from an ear infection or something else that would be causing his nighttime waking.

  • he normally wakes up around 7:30 and then takes a nap around 11:00 for about an hour and then another around 3:00. He takes whole milk.