anxity baby

  • my child is now 5 months and i am having problems with her going to other people. even family. she only wants mom. can anyone give me any advise what to do?

  • Separation anxiety is very common for babies at any age, but particularly during the first year. My experience has been to give reassurance and as much comfort as possible. It's usually a phase that passes on its own. Sure, it makes life more difficult for mommy, but I think it's just one of those things that you have to go through with your baby.

  • Our daughter is like that (17 months old), but improving. We have worked hard to show her that mom isn't the only person. When we are out I often will carry her instead of her mother, this helps her learn she cannot always cling to her mom. Also her mother will leave the room and I will keep her in the same room so that she learns when her mom leaves it isnt permanent. Often she will throw a tantrum and cry if her mother isn't the only one holding her but we do our best at those times not to reinforce the behavior by having her mom pick her up. It's not easy but it seems to be working.

  • This is very normal for her age. I would suggest having her around new people often, but not forcing her to go to them. When you do have to leave her, keep it short and sweet. Don't let your axiety about her crying, rub off on her.

  • What if the anxiety is coming from the baby's parent's??  I'm one of the Grand-parent's and all of us Grand-parent's are about to wring our kid's necks.  How do we help reduce our grandbaby's stress??  We take turns keeping the baby a couple weekend's a month to give parent's a rest but they aren't making it easy.  The baby is almost 8 months old and is actually very happy and does well in our homes.  I hear from the kids that she is up at nights sometimes and fussy.  With the stress they have between the two of them, trying to figure out if they are going to stay together or not, it's stressful for the baby I'm sure.  I've told them that the baby will be way happier with two parent's who are Happily separated than with two who are misserable together.  I guess they have to figure that out on their own.  In the meantime....any suggestions??

  • I have the opposite problem and was hoping that someone can give me some advice.  My son is 10 months and I am a full time working mom. (40hrs/week) He is very happy, social and very active. I make sure that I spend a lot of time with him giving him lots of hugs and kisses, reading to him, playing with him, taking him places, etc. but for some reason he doesn’t show me any separation anxiety. I can take him to daycare, anywhere and he doesn’t even seem to look back. “Similac” mentions that if your baby experiences separation anxiety, that means that you have a great relationship with your baby. I almost died when I read that. I go to pick him up from daycare and he doesn’t seem to care that I am there. He actually reached out for the daycare provider while I was bringing him to the car to go home. It is killing me and making me very sad. He seems to want to be with everyone but me.  I am starting to get a complex and I want to have a strong relationship with him. It seems that I have a kid that is extreme in the other direction than kisplumb. What am I doing wrong?

  • I don't think you're doing anything wrong. Some babies are just easy-going kids. A colleague of mine had a similar situation with her son. He was a very easy baby and when it came to separating from mommy, anxiety really wasn't an issue. Every kid is different. It very well could be that he just hasn't hit this stage yet.

    Your baby loves you and knows you're mom. You are the person he relies on most in the world, and no one will ever take your place in his life. Enjoy all of the love and happiness he brings into your life and foster the connection you already have.