6 weeks old baby is sleeping only 8-10hrs in a day

  • Hi all,

    my 6 weeks old boy doesn't sleep during the day time. He only sleeps for 8-10 hrs in a day. the following is his sleeping schedule(it varies day to day)

    wakes up around 5am or 6am

    goes back to sleep at 5pm or 6pm

    wakes up at 11pm and 2am and again 5am.......very light sleep from 2am to 5am

    during the day time, after i give him a bath, he looks like so sleepy and but if i put him down to sleep he immediately wakes up and becomes very active. he yawns a lot during the day time,and he rubs his eyes but doesn't fall in to sleep. i rock him to sleep , if i am lucky he takes 1/2 hr nap in my arms , after i observed that he is in deep sleep i put him down in the bed and then he immediately wakes up.

    i am very much concerned that whether he is getting enough sleep or not. i am not sure what other methods i should try to get him sleep.

    Does anyone has the same problem? any suggestions would be greately appreciated.



  • 6 Weeks old is silly pretty young and some kids just nap better than others. What I found with both our girls is that what worked one day, didn't the next and it became frustrating. Try light music or a longer bath once in a while and see what happens... it still might take a couple weeks before the baby can sleep longer or more often.

  • Talk to your pediatrician and see if she has any suggestions for getting your baby to sleep better. Is your baby happy during the day, even if he is awake? If so, then I wouldn't worry about it too much. Offer your baby some quiet time and some down time several times a day when he can just unwind and not be stimulated.

  • My 6 weeks old girl does something similar. She would settle down for the night around 8pm, and sleep through until about 3am, feed, sleep until 6. Then the day starts...

    The day is usually a combination of:

    eat, play for 1/2 hour, cry for attention. Play for 1/2 hour (sometimes, rocking is needed to keep her from crying). Sleep for 30-40 minutes, repeat the play/cry routine. 

    She is not yawning, she is not cranky - and she would not go to sleep for more than 30-40 minutes at a time. It seems that she is OK with this little sleep during the day. 

    What things do other parents do to keep their young ones entertained - without crying? Bouncer/rocker do not work. Mobile is entertaining for 20 minutes. Books/shiny things another 10-15... She gets bored and wants more! 

    Going outside is an option - she sleeps in the pram when we go for a walk, sometimes for 1.5 hours - I guess, the slow rocking and the vibration are more soothing than sleeping in the crib... 

  • I have an 8 week old little boy who does the same thing! My husband and I just read where your baby is probably still sleeping the day away with 15 - 18 hours of sleep a day! I almost fell on the floor. My baby is usually awake for good between 5 and 7 am. He only takes 5 - 30 minute naps during the day, usually after he eats, but as soon as I put him down he wakes up and wants to play. He goes sleep for good between 7 and 9 pm; wakes up every 2.5 - 4 hours during the night to eat. And like your baby, every day is different!