Change Sleep Pattern

  • My 7 week old daughter has an odd sleep pattern.  She wakes between 6-8am, eats and goes back to sleep.  She wakes a couple hours later, eats and goes to sleep again.  The pattern "eat sleep" patterns continues thoughout the day.  I try to keep her awakewithout success.  By the evening, she is wide awake(especially 10pm-2am) and usually goes to sleep around 2am.  Any suggestions on how to change this pattern so she i more awake during the day?

  • Sounds like her sleep and eating patterns are fine...except that maybe you want to push back her "awake" time to between 6pm and 10pm or between 4pm and 8pm. Try during the day not to feed her right when she wakes up. See if you can get her to play with you or look around for 15-30 minutes before she needs to eat. Then if she falls asleep, at least you got her to play and look around a bit. Around 8 o'clock...wake her up and play with her. Show her the mobile and let her interact with you and your husband for about 30-45 minutes. Then bathe her in a nice warm tub and let her play in the water as long as she is happy. Dress her for bed and then give her a bottle or breastfeed her. She should then be nice and tired (It should be around 9:30 or 10). Put her to bed after her bottle and treat the rest of her "wake up times" as nighttime feedings..don't put the light on, don't stimulate her etc...

    In a week or so, she should be waking up around 7-8 to play as she gets used to the schedule. As she gets older, this time will increase and she will be up around 5-6 etc.. you get the idea!

  • the best thing to do is to try and let her sleep as much as possible if she is tired put her to bed just make sure she is very full before ...the more they sleep the more  they want to ....have u ever slept for like 10 hrs and wake up and ur just exhausted the more u sleep the more u need to sleep i had the same problem and now my baby is 6months and sleeps pretty good