6 1/2 month baby not learing to crawl

  • my baby is almost 7 months and has not tried to crawl or wiggle around but he loves standin he flips out wen i put him on his tummy he absolutley hates it... my husband thinks he wont crawl cuz i dont leave him on the floor much ...my son rolls over if he is on his belly so i dont like to put him on the floor because i feel he will bang his head... how do i get him to start crawling

  • My 2 year old did the same thing up until her 10th month... Even then, she reluctantly crawled and then just started walking at just about a year. Continue with tummy time, but our daughter rolled over immediately as well, so don't fear, as long as your doctor says there are no physical problems, just be patient!

  • Most babies don't crawl at 6 months old. My children all crawled between 9 months and 12 months. Make sure you offer your child plenty of tummy time and encourage him to practice pushing up with his hands. Place fun and colorful objects in front of him so he tries to scoot or reach for them. In addition, work with him on his trunk control by allowing him opportunities to sit. At this age, your little one should be learning how to sit unsupported to strengthen his core muscles. I used to sit my children up with their backs against the sofa (so they couldn't fall backwards and hurt themselves) and then I would put a few toys in front of them. Hope this helps.

  • thank u very much for ur advice