Sleeping at Night

  • My son is 3 months and he still gives me only 2-3 hours at night.  He only gives me cat naps during the day maybe 20 min to 1 hour at a time.  What time should I put him to sleep at night?

  • I know how important sleep is, believe me. As far as when to put him to sleep is really up to you. I am a school teacher therefore, i need to start trying to put him down by 9:30 PM so that I may get at least 6 hours. My son is 10 wks old now and was giving me a hard time also. But now before putting him down I make sure he has not slept for 2 to 3 hrs, I give him a nice bath and prepare a warm bottle for him. By then he's ready for bed. However keep in mind that all babies are different. It does not hurt to give it a try. Good Luck!