Diaper bags

  • There are many diaper bags on the market, but a new mom needs a bag that is large enough to fit all the necessities with many compartments, but not too large to carry around. I am looking for a bag that is not only functional, but also stylish. Can you recommend a diaper bag that is affordable, stylish, and functional?

  • I have a Vera Bradley one and I love it. It is machine washable and very cute!! They come in all different styles. It it very durable and will be a great over night bag when I dont need a diaper bag anymore.

    I also have any Eddie bauer one but I dont like it as much. But my husband loves it because it is a neutral color and my Vera Bradley one is pink floral.

  • i actually have one of those single strap triangle shaped book bags.  it several pockets to put stuff and it's easy to throw over a shoulder and still be able to carry a child and not have to worry about the bag falling off your shoulder

  • I LOVE my diaper bag.  I did a lot of looking before setting.  I needed one that my hubby would carry when need be.  I am also not a fan of the messenger type bags that have the flap type opening and that is all I was really finding.  Then I found the Amy Michelle Madison Avenue bag.  They are everywhere from Walmart.com to ebags.com.  There is a ton of room and pockets. It comes in different colors, but I went with the gray, I have to think of DH. LOL

    Good Luck!  I know it is a tough decision.

  • I got a bag from gap.com, Bella Tuno is the brand.  It's stylish and functional, and it was under $100.  However, this is MY bag and doubles as my purse.  I keep a second diaper bag that is packed and ready to go for the times my son is not with me.  This saves on me not having to carry a purse AND a diaper bag...and it also saves on me forgetting to remove my wallet and other necessities when I do happen to drop him off somewhere.  (I can't tell you how many times I realized I was drivng without my wallet...oops!)

  • I hope I like our diaper bag. I let my husband pick it out because everything I picked out was to "girly" I was told!