When do baby sleep through the night?

  • I have 3 months old boy take 3  naps during the day (30 min to 1.5 hour naps).  At night he can sleep anywhere between 45min and 4hours blocks.  His sleeping pattern at night is so irregular.  Sometime he would sleep for 4 hours straight and then get up every hour after that.  Other times, he would get up in every 3 hours.  I try to keep the same routines every night before bedtime, and feed him as much as he would take.  Is any one have the same problem, please help.  I'm first time mom, so I really don't know what to do to make him sleep better.    

  • A baby usually starts sleeping through the night at around 5 to 6months of age. I have 3 kids my youngest is 20 months old and my 4th is on the way. Try to cut down the naps during the day maybe from 3 hrs to 1 1/2. At night after feeding the baby with a good bottle make sure the baby burps, that can cause discomfort while they sleep. Hope this helps a bit.

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    We have a three month old girl and a three year old boy.  Our newborn has really strange sleeping habits. Somedays she will be up all day without a nap and sleep the whole next day.  Or she will be up for two day and sleep alot the next two days.  Newborns are very different in that everything they do the are learning for the first time.  Make sure to wake them up every four hours during the day for feedings and don't worry about at night they will be fine unless they wake up then feed them.  Newborns are sometimes hard to figure out but usually by the end of the third month if their days and nights are not messed up you can try feeding them some cereal in the bottle at first and then from the bowl.  This will keep them full and you may start getting some well deserved sleep.


    P.S. Make sure you are not letting them sleep too much during the day.  I know it is easy to just let them sleep and it makes for a more peaceful day, but you will pay the price at night.  Try and keep them awake when you are so they will sleep when you do.

  • What you will find is that not only are all babies different when it comes to sleeping habits, but just when you thought you figured out the key, they change. Try to be patient and I agree with cutting down on number of naps during the day. Hopefully, you will have some success soon.

  • Our baby is 15wks, she started sleeping through the night right at 12wks...just in time for me to go back to work. Throughout the day we make sure she eats every 3 to 4hr.s, with her last feeding around 9:30pm, even if we have to wake her up to eat. She'll sleep until 6am !! I know we are very blessed. She'll take a good 2hr. nap during the day with a few 30-45min. naps.  Stick to a pattern, and don't worry about waking them up at night to eat.

  • What did you do to get your baby to sleep that long? Anything special for temperature, clothing, position, sounds, lighting, time?? My baby has no pattern at all. I wake him every 2-3 hrs for feeding,  or he'll wake himself, but he takes forever going back to sleep and at night he does the same....

  • She does sleep with her lamp on, she enjoys looking at her mobil when she wakes up in the morning. Our baby is a kicker, and I noticed she would wake up cold because she kicked off her blanket, so now she sleeps in a sleep sack every night. The position is on her back...

  • Every baby is different and not all babies sleep very well...talk to your pediatrician about your problems and make sure there isn't a reason she is not sleeping well. Once you get a clean bill of health, try reading a few books like Babywise etc...that focus on getting your child to sleep better and at regular intervals. Establishing a routine is incredibly difficult, but very worth it. Good luck

  • I have a nine month old daughter she didint start  sleeping through the night until she turned eight months old,and still sometimes she wakesup but pretty much she stays sleeping. The best thing to do is to make sure that the baby has a clean diaper a full tummy and nice and warm. I have noticed that when i put her in her own crib that she sleeps more at night then when she sleeps with me.make sure you dont to much clothing because baby get really hot and sweaty in the night when they are sleeping,and a nice warm bath before they go to bed is also a big help before you put your baby to sleep.

  • My little boy is 7 months old. When he was 2 months to 41/2 months he slept through the night. Now its a different story. He'll wake up 2 or 3 times, he wants to suck on his bottle instead of a paci.He doesnt care for them, he spits it out like its something nasty.

  • What worked for me was to develop a bedtime routine.  My son is 6 mos., and started sleeping through the night at around 3 1/2 months.  I try and give him a bath around the same time each night, usually 6:30 or so, dress him in pajamas, and then let him play for an hour.  He then drinks his last bottle of the night between 7:30 and 8.  Even if he doesn't seem sleepy, I put him to bed in his crib, in his sleep sack, a lullaby CD on, his humidifier (the sound soothes him), and a nightlight.  He usually falls asleep within 10 minutes or so with no fussing.  Doing the same thing over and over again each night will help them to recognize the "signs" that it is bedtime.   It has worked wonders!

  • Baby Wise was very effective for us. I started him on the 3 hour schedule of eat-play-sleep at 4 weeks and by 9 weeks he was sleeping through the night. Immediately he was sleeping 6 hour stretches and waking up once between 3:30 and 5:30 for a feeding, which was a huge improvement in itself. At nine weeks I stopped feeding him when he woke up and instead gave him a pacifier. At nine weeks and a few days I stopped waking him up to feed him at 11PM. By 10 weeks we had reduced his feedings to 5 times a day and he was miraculously consuming more at each feeding to maintain the same volume of food. He falls asleep between 8 and 9PM and sleeps until at least 4AM....I am still working on covering that stretch between 4 and 7 - giving him the pacifier or stroking his head when he wakes up. But I definitely think we are on the right track! 

  • I'm a first time mother and my daughter Hailey is about to turn 3 months old the 10th. For the past two weeks she will sleep from 12am until between 10am and noon the next day. She takes either two fairly short naps or one long one (around 3 hours a day with all the naps). To be honest all I do is keep a good routine every day. Her bottles during "awake" and play time I make them barley warm and when its nap time or bed time I make them really warm (never too hot just slightly over luke if your inner wrist can take the heat so can your baby) and she'll go right down after I read or sing to her. Some times the only way she'll sleep is if I play her her classical music (3 disk set baby genius products Night Night Classics, Childrens Sleepy Time Song's, Sweet Dream Lullibys Babies R US about 40$) It's a great tool, any classical soft music is it is very stimulating for babies but becarful some babies prefer to play to the lullibys rather than to sleep. All you need to do is do your best to find what your baby likes and responds well to but simply using a warmer bottle when its bed time should help a bit it's worked for a lot of my friends with babies as well as me. Good Luck!  And dont forget every baby is unique what works for me may not work for you.

  • My 5-month old daughter started sleeping through the night in her bed alone in her room the first night we moved to our new apartment, she was 2 months and 26 days old at that time and she's been doing it since then. Our normal routine is me or my husband wash her up around 8:30pm and have her ready for bed. Then we read to her for about 5-10 minutes or until she gets tired of the reading activity. Then we give her 6-ounce formula, her last formula for the day. By 9pm, we play her Beethoven CD (she's been listening to this music the first day we brought her home and the whole time I was pregnant), say good night to her and put her in her bed. She is so used to this routine that it takes her less than 10 minutes to make herself go to sleep. She doesn't wake up until 6 or 7 in the morning the next day. Every baby is different, so I guess you just have to stick to the routine that you want your baby to get used to. Good luck. 

  • my grandson is 6 months and still gets up every 4 hours and does'nt take a nap he does the 20 min. in the car or swing or floor then he is up and going again.I have to say I wonder how he can last as long as he can he is not a cry baby or fussy at all.he has never slept thru the night,anyone have the same trouble or have a cure.When he gets up at night he only wants to be rocked with his bottle and after about 10 min. he is gone for 4 more hours this just started he was sleeping about 6 hours and then up with a bottle and back to sleep,the Doc said it is because of him cutting teeth{and yes he is cutting one} how we went from colic to teeth so quick was a real eye opener....anyone have any words of advice????