Introducing a new baby to a pet!

  • When I got pregnant with my first child, I began to dread introducing our newborn to our dog, Charlie. He was old, set in his ways and NOT particularly fond of children. While we lucked out and didn't have any major trouble with our dog, my sister was not so lucky. Her cat had a very difficult time when her baby was born and began to destroy the house and even resorted to urinating on the baby's special items! In the end, they had to give the cat away to a friend of theirs, but it made me wonder.....what can you do to help your pet get accustomed to the new baby?

  • Sadly i know what your talking about, My son and our cat were fine and fours years later she still just leaves him alone. But my sister in-law her cat didn't take to their new baby and she had to put it down stairs in their basement to live because it would try and attack the baby. the worse part is that some pets just dont take to new babies or kids in general and there really isn't anything you can do about it. From my experince with 4 different dogs and lots of different cats only once have i ever seen it to were it had to be considered to get rid of the pet.