10 month old freak out

  • Ok, so I have a 10 month old baby boy and he is my pride and joy.  He has started into this phase though that I am not liking very much at all and I wasn't sure if there is a way I can fix it or not.  As soon as I wake in the morning and he sees me, he will start fussing non-stop until he sees me again or even if I am in the same room he will "elbow scoot" (he isn't really crawling yet) over to me and want me to hold him.  So I will hold him for a little while and give him lots of love and then when I try and set him down because I need to go do something he starts fussing again non-stop.  Also when my husband and I are both in the room, he only seems to want me.  It is driving me a little crazy because I love holding him and playing with him but I can't constantly be doing it all throughout the day because I have other things I need to accomplish.  He is totally content when he is eating, going down for a nap, or at bedtime.  It just seems to be during the day when he is awake and aware of what is going on.  Any suggestions or anyone who has gone through something similar?  Any advice would be wonderful, thank you!

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    My wife and I are the proud parents of a three year old and a three month old.  What you are what he is doing is trying to spend as much time with you as possible.   As soon as you are out of site he feels abandoned and will fuss alot. My wife and I dealt with this by doing your household chores when they are sleeping or one stays with the child and the other does the chores.  This will cut down on alot of the fussing.  Or you can go our route and have another child to entertain them.  We really enjoy being the parents of two.  It is a little difficult but worth it.


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  • What happens during the day when you are not around? Does he gravitate to another care-giver and fuss until that person engages him?

  • It sounds like something similar to what my son did when he was about that age. My issues was that my husband was deleployed with the national guard so i didn't really have anyone else aroudn that could just do the stuff i couldn't do. So i had to let our son fuss when i left the room to do something like clean. I made alot of use of our bouncer, swing and walker....NOT one with wheels ours is put it where you want it becasue it has a saucer on the bottom that sits on the floor so baby can't move it. I know it's hard to let them fuss and cry and it can be very distracting at times. But sometimes it's what really needs to be done. As far as the daddy thing try having him take like and hour a day and just have it be him and your son so that your sons gets used to him as much as he is to you.
  • My son is almost ten months old as well. I have found that since he is teething again, that is when he is the most clingy. Is your son teething or could be? I know with my son he really likes to be around people. So when I have to be in the kitchen I bought those magnet letters for the fridge and I get out some pots and rubbermaid containers for him to play with. He loves to sit there and play while I clean, that way he is still in the room with me. Also something to try...take some time, forgo the cleaning, and have a really good play session with him with lots of hugs, books and interaction. I am working on my masters in child development and have found incorporating one-on-one play time can help babies feel more secure. Just some ideas to try...
  • This is a hard one. All babies go through this phase for a little while, but while they do it can be difficult. I used to place my baby in is room or in his crib surrounded by a box full of little toys that he could pull out and play with. When he gets interested in it, I could then sneak out and get a little bit done. If he really has to be in the same room as you, then you can move him AND the box with you. The key is getting him interested in entertaining himself. Try having a playdate as well!