My 7 month old won't sleep in his crib.

  • I saw that another mom posted their 3 month old won't sleep in the crib, but it's to the point now that my 7 month olds feet are going to be hanging over the side of his swing!!! I am convinced that it's the cradle-ing feeling everything else he has slept in gives him. What can I try? I have rolled up recieving blankets and put him in the middle to give him that cradled feeling, but I don't think thats enough. He  screamed for 45 minutes until I finally gave in and put him in the swing. He sleeps for  an hour or so in the crib, where as in the swing he will sleep from 7pm to 4 or 5 am. I thought about cutting off the little head rest pillow thing that is in the swing, but I need an opinion first!

  • first off I'm assuming since you didnt mention other kids that this is your first?  that being said it's never easy when your baby cries but it seems harder the first time around.  I think you already hit the nail on the head on this one when you said you "gave in" . people dont like to give babies enough credit. They are so smart even by 7 months. They learn very quickly what gets your attention. my advice and this is what has worked for me 3 times now( I cant count the first cuz we didnt do this with the first and lived to regret it) is to let them cry it out. I know that can sound cruel but first this is not going to hurt your baby. I am not saying you cant comfort him but NO picking him up. does he have music or a fav toy or blanket? give him that during the day in his swing and at night give these to him in his crib. bed time can be a fun time for you and baby, a bath a story a snuggle but babies need to learn and they can that bed time is for sleeping not playing. A very Dark room ( no nightlght) seems to work best . I hope some part of this helps. Good luck its hard but you can do it.

  • My baby was the same way, she'd only sleep in her swing and cry in her crib. I also think it was the need to "fit" in something. What worked for me was swaddling her. But because she is a big baby and very strong, not only did receiving blankets not fit her, she could easily get out of any swaddle and I was afraid of the blanket covering her face at night. My sis-in-law recommended those summer infant swaddlers with velcro. I don't know if they will fit your baby, but they worked wonders for us and I will always swear by them! She started sleeping through the night and now at four months, she doesn't want to be swaddled anymore, so I just let her arms out and swaddle her body to keep her warm. The large cotton ones are nice and they fit up to 22lbs. Also, I would check with your pediatrician before you try letting him cry just to make sure he is healthy first. He could have heartburn and the upright position makes him feel better.