Holding a bottle and sippy cup

  • My daughter is 8 months 3 wks old and she isn't holding her bottle or sippy cup. I give them both to her to hold, but she just cries a lot and I end up feeding her. I am a stay at home mom and I think I probably spoil her because I'm with her all day. I just don't want her to get too dependant on me. I just need help?? Will she just all of a sudden pick it up on her own or do I just have to keep working at it??? I'm a first time mom as well.

  • I'm a first time mom as well. I'm not sure when babies hold their own bottles. I thought it was around 7-8 mos. I'm hoping so. My daughter is 4 mos and I can't wait until she can hold her own bottle. LOL. good luck.

  • Since there are no handles on a bottle that one will be harder. Every baby develops at their own pace. Maybe she likes the comforts of being cuddled close during bottle time.

  • In my experience, kids tend to start exhibiting these skills when they're ready. As long as your pedi isn't concerned about your baby's developmental milestones, I would take comfort in knowing that she will get there in her own time. I'm still kind of amazed that my 2-year-old can use a spoon on her own! She was definitely a late bloomer with that skill.

  • Our first isn't born yet so this is all theory, but have you tried cuddling her and encouragng her to hold the bottle on her own?  If she doesn't need your help to hold the bottle, but still relaxes better in the comfort of your arms you could try propping her in your arms then giving her the bottle to hold for herself adjusting it in order to help her suck less air. 


    Just a tought, I hope it helps!

  • I would try a sippy cup with handles. As far as the bottle, I think it is best not to encourage a baby to take a bottle without help. I think (and this is just my opinion here) that bottle feedings are a special bonding time between baby and parent. I've also noticed that babies who give themselves bottles tend to carry them around with juice or milk (bad for teeth) and have a hard time giving it up after they turn one.

  • Obviously each child is different and move at different paces, so I would not worry to much. I got lucky, mine is 5 months and has been holding his head up and been holding his bottle since he was about 2-3 months he was shaky but now he is pretty steady. I was in shock when he did it so early, but its a trade off because he wont sleep through the night, he is now starting to sleep a little longer. If you want maybe you can make a game out of it and see what happens but I think in due time she will just hold it and suprise you. Best of luck.

  • Even now our daughter is finicky about her food and drinks. Sometimes she'll take them other times she ignores them until we try to put them away. Usually when she was younger though if she didnt want it right away I would leave it in front of her - when she realized I wasn't going to hold it for her she began trying to do it herself Smile.

  • My son is 10 mos and he is just starting to hold the bottle himself and as for sippy cups I think it is going to take forever for me!  Have patience!

  • my son is 10 months and he also still refuses to hold his own bottle and as for a sippy cup if he even sees me enter the room with one he starts crying i keep wondering myself if he will ever drink from one!!

  • It takes time, and every child prefers to do things at a different pace it seems. Remain patient, soon enough you'll be cleaning up spills from dropped sippy cups in no time. Wink