6 month old who wants to be held all the time

  • my 6mo always wants to be held..doesn't matter who it is..me,his daddy,grandma,grandpa..he sleeps all night..i'm not sure if at daycare they hold him a lot, but i'm going to be staying home with him and i really need to break this..i can't clean house or even eat for that matter..me and my husband have to take turns eatting dinner or whatever meal it is..anyone have any advice??!!??? I have tried putting him on a blanket wtih some toys and veggie tales on or in his swing,in his activity center and his bumbo...nothing works...iI NEED HELP!!!! : )

  • First of all, I would consider taking your child to the doctor's to be sure he isn't getting sick or something. Once you know that your baby is healthy, you can begin to tackle behavioral problems. Start by talking to the daycare to see how he behaves in daycare. Does he cry all the time and want someone to hold him, or is he happy playing by himself. This will tell you alot. If he can play by himself at daycare, then you know he is capable of playing by himself at home. First, find a few fun toys to give him and then place in in his crib or in his swing with them. Then you need to tell him that "mommy will be right back". Then leave the room to go into the next room...try to fold clothes or just sit there. He will be upset, but it's okay as long as he is safe. After a few minutes of crying, he may surprise you and begin to play by himself. If after several minutes he does not stop crying, then you can go back in the room and say..."Mommy's back now". Then you can pick him up and play with him. Hopefully this is just a phase and over time you can get him to sit for longer periods of time without you.  You can also purchase a sling or baby carrier to help you through this difficult period.

  • Have you tried playdates yet or is daycare his only encounter with other children?  My son didn't start learning to entertain himself at home until we started joining playgroups.  I guess seeing all the moms sitting around in a circle while babies did their thing in the middle helped him realize that he didn't need me, but I was still there.  I also did things like put him in his exersaucer with some fun music playing and dance around while I did chores and stuff.  He would cry for the first few minutes but then realize that I didn't have to hold him to play with him.  As long as we were in the same room together, he got over it within minutes.  Worst comes to worst, put in some earplugs and take care of what you need to need to take care of and trust that he will be fine very soon.  This will most likely only last until he is moving freely enough to get into everything.