• My husband just deployed and the first time I ever held a baby was when my son was born 3 months ago. So far things are going fine; but I'm terrified of this next year alone!!!!!! Any tips or tricks for being the only parent?

  • it is hard to be a single parent that is what i am going to be bc i left my ex husband been married for 2 half years so i decided to call quits

  • I'm an Army wife. We just went through our first deployment a little while ago, and he is already gearing up for his second deployment. First deployment our son was 4, and our youngest was born 4 months into the deployment. This time we have another baby due a couple months into deployment as well. It's very hard, but you just have to keeeeep busy! Meet other moms with a baby your son's age, find activities you and your little boy can do together, get out of the house as much as possible! Find other women who are going through a deployment for support. I hope that helps.