Putting baby to sleep

  • I'm desperate!!!! I do not know how to make my 11 month old daughter go to sleep by her self, I always rock her to sleep and then once she is asleep put in her crib, but how can I make her go to sleep by her self, I know she has to cry at first, but for how long? 20 min, 1 hour? how long is to long? I don't know what to do!!

  • I would let her cry for an hour or 2! I don't think it will take that long! I would try rocking her for 5 minutes or so untill she is relaxed and half asleep and then put her down. If you rock her now for 1/2 hour I would rock her for 15 minutes and then 10 and 5 etc. I don't know if you sing to her too but you could try putting her in bed and then sing to her. When I had my son my mom was like oh my don't you want to rock your baby? I was like no I don't cause I don't want to do it every night fo the next 10 years like you did!!!!! Stop it now it will be easier now then later!

  • I personally am not one for letting my daughter cry but that's just my own personal preference. I would suggest slowly weening her off the rocking. If you're rocking her for 30 minutes now then gradually reduce that time (say by five minutes a week) and lay her down whether she's completely asleep or not. If she's not crying don't pick her back up, let her fuss/whimper/move around etc until she falls asleep. If you're comfortable with the Ferber method (letting them cry it out) then you can try that as well, like I said, it's just not my own thing.

    Hope this helps!


  • Now is definitely the time to start teaching your little one how to fall asleep on their own. Depending on the mom and the baby, the Ferber method may work, but is often hard on mom and dad. I think it really depends on your philosophy.

    I believe that you have to let them cry a little bit and give them reassurance that you're still there if they need you. I couldn't do a full cry it out with my youngest because she'd cry until she threw up all over her crib. What I do now (she's 2) is lay her down in her bed to sleep, but I hang out in the room and read until she's asleep. It gives me good down time and her the reassurance that she's not alone.

    You can try doing this, but move out of the room in stages. Staying by sitting next to the crib and moving farther toward the door each night. In a week, you'll probably be able to just lay her down and go. There may be some crying, but it should help your baby realize that she can go to sleep by herself.