Transition into a crib!

  • My son is now 5 weeks old. As with previous posts we could only get him to sleep in his carseat and he won't nap much during the day. This past Friday I took him to his one month checkup with the pediatrician and he now weighs 11 lbs and is 22 inches long. He was 8 lbs 4 oz at birth and 20 and 1/2 inches long so he is growing well. I asked the pediatrician about transitioning him to a crib or bassinet because he is starting to move in his carseat when sleeping. The ped told me that it would probably be better to transition him to the crib as he will outgrow the bassinet fairly soon and that way we didn't have to transition him twice with his beds. Well my DH and I put together the crib last night. He fell asleep and we put him in the crib and then my darling 6 year old daughter who shares a room with him (as we had to put the crib in her room) woke him up and then it was disaster the rest of the night, we would get him to sleep and lay him down in the crib just for him to wake himself up 10 minutes later. I decided to try the transition on the weekend when my DH can help during the middle of the night. Needless to say the hubby, myself and the baby are exhausted. Finally we got him to sleep back in our room just because we needed the sleep. I am just not sure how to make this transition any easier or more effective. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

  • I think your baby is too little to be soo picky about were he sleeps. Try some cereal(in a bowl with a spoon) he probably is hungry! Baby's that little usually cry for one reason their belly hurts!! They are either hungry or gasy! If he is full he will sleep anywere. You may want to put the crib in your room or you could let your daughter sleep in your room just for a couple of nights till the baby is used to his bed! If it is the weekend you could "go camping" in the living room. Let her stay up late and watch a movie so she will sleep in and then you and the baby can too after a long night!

  • I have no suggestions on how to keep your daughter from waking the baby up! I only have the one child myself so perhaps someone with more than one can help you there.

    As for the transitioning itself not sure if my method would work for your son but here it is anyway along with the hope that it's helpful. With my daughter I actually started by putting her in the crib while she was awake. I wanted her to get used to the feel of the mattress and the size of it so that when I put her into it asleep the change wouldn't be a shock and also so that it wouldn't startle her when she woke up in it. Once she seemed comfortable with awake I started putting her down in it for her naps and then moved on to putting her in it for the night. Now she sleep in it like it's nothing except when she's not feeling good and wanting Mommy. :)

  • Thanks for the advice. He is still too little for cereal. I have tried putting him in it while he was awake today and he did ok for a little while. I tried putting him in there for a nap but when I was closing the door. The door squeaked and he woke up 5 minutes later. Well I will have to figure out what to do. I like the advice though PeytonsMama.

  • I gave my kids cereal at 4 and 6 weeks and they both slept through the night shortly after.  I always put them in their bed awake and made them learn to put themselves  to sleep.  Be careful about putting him in his bed to play. He needs to know that this is my bed and when Im here  I am suppose to go to sleep. If you put him in there for play time he will think it is play time when it is bed time. Do you feed him in is car seat? If you do he associates his seat with food.

  • leikeli- As a pediatric nurse, I think you are right to hold off on giving cereal. It is best to give only formula or breastmilk at this age. And always be sure to check with a pediatrician before starting solids.

    As for the crib, I transitioned both my children to their cribs (from the bassinet) at 3 months of age. The carseat probably makes your baby feel very secure and cozy. Try swaddling him to give him that feeling. You might start with the bassinet which is a little larger than the carseat and then go to the crib.

  • BabyNurse- Thanks for the advice. We took him to the pediatrician because he was extremely congested and wasn't eating very well. With some of the other issues going on the pediatrician believes that my son has reflux and we now have him on zantac and Flonase for when he gets really congested. We have tried putting him in the bassinet but he is quickly outgrowing it. I think we may leave him in the car seat until we get the reflux better under control I don't know. I really don't know much about reflux to help my baby to nap better during the day. He is a challenge to say the least but I love him.

  • That may be a good idea, because an elevated position helps with reflux.

  • My daughter loved sleeping in her car seat. As recommended by my Dr, when we transitioned from bassinet and car seat, we warmed a swaddling wrap/blanket in the dryer (just a few moments) and put her in her worked the best. That was at 3 mo and she is now 6 mo and doesn't even need swaddling to sleep in her crib. Good luck!

  • I can't tell you I've had success with transitioning our daughter, but I can tell you we started much later than 5 weeks. I whole-heartedly support starting now, it will be muuuch easier if you can transition your son to the crib... even if he comes back out temporarily for teething or other issues, because he'll already be used to it so getting him back in after that should be considerably easier. I hope all goes well for you! I know how tiring staying up to put them back to sleep can be Wink.

  • Thanks for all the helpful advice. We finally got him to sleep in the crib over the weekend. I put him in the crib on Friday anticipating a repeat of the previous weekend and I was pleasantly surprised. He has slept in there every night since and on Sunday night he actually slept from 11 pm till 6 am. It was fabulous. Not sure how much longer we can swaddle him since he seems to like to play houdini and get out of the swaddling but we will try.

  • Congratulations! I hope it continues for you guys, it's nice when you can finally reclaim your bed Wink (I'm still hoping to do so someday, lol).

  • Hello, My baby will  be 6 weeks soon and I am having the same problem.  She is really gassy and she seems to go to sleep early around 6 or 7 but she once again sleeps best in her carseat.  What exactly worked for you on the transition.  I have been trying for a couple of weeks I have put her in there awake and asleep.  Part of it is gas I know that but the other part I am not sure on.  Let me know what you did to finally get your little one in! thanks.

  • Leikeli~ I had the same problem with my son who is now 4 1/2 months old.  He has acid reflux and is taking zantac. I can say once he started taking the zantac the gas pains went away within a few days. As far as sleeping, I actually started out with the bassinett but laying flat made him uncomfortable from the reflux. We then went through a phase where he would only sleep in his swing at night. I decided to put him back in the bassinett, and after 2 weeks of laying flat moved him to his crib. He now sleeps from 9pm until 6:30 am gets up to eat then sleeps until 9am. So I really can't complain. I was also told to try cereal to get him to sleep but their stomaches are not fully developed and I didnt want to harm my son. After talking to my peditrician I will start him on rice at 5 months since he is eating 35 oz of food every day. I hope you are able to get your room back is a great feeling!