Stimulating Baby

  • I'm a new mom to an 8 week old I dont feel like I play with him enough.  I am lucky enough that he gets to come to work with me everyday but by doing so I dont get to play with him he is with me yes but I am also busy.  I try to play with him in the evenings but not really sure how to play and what to do with him.  He sleeps 75% of the day it seems and loves entertaining himself by talking to all his toys when in his swing, bouncer or play mat but when I try to get in on the action he starts fussing then falls asleep.  Any help would be great I dont want him to be missing out because I dont know what I am suppose to be doing with him at this age. 

  • Hi, I was a working mom with my first son, I also felt that I wasn't giving enough. I was not able to bring him to work and felt horrible that I had eveyday "chores" to do when I got home. We were not able to play all the time, but for baby play really just equalls attention. I found that just talking to him about everything made a difference for him and me. I would tell him everything, "o.k. so we're going to make dinner, I'm going to get this pan and fill it with water ect." Make eye contact so baby know's you are still tuned into them. Although it's not play... it's still attention and that's what they are looking for, love and attention. Taking 5 minutes to hold him and read a book doesn't seem like a lot but it goes far. I also had a sling that i carried him in so he wasn't always sitting away from me. When I folded laundry or cleaned up from dinner, i had him in the sling this kept him close to me, giving him physical contact and again i told him everything we were doing. As he gets older just try to find ways to make work or chores fun for him... you get stuff done and baby will think you're playing.