Blowing raspberries when eating.

  • Hello all, My son is seven months and has been eating food since he was four months. He knows how to eat and at times, very few times will eat a lot of food. He also knows how to pick up chearios and eat them. But he gets on these kicks and blows raspberries when he is eating and ends up only eating a spoonful or two, and I end up wearing everything else. Any advice on how to get him to stop? Michelle
  • My son did the same thing. He loves to eat and when he got to his raspberry stage he loved to do it while eating. It may be different for you because my son likes to eat a lot but i when he started i would sit back all the way in my chair put the bowl and spoon down and say no. He would get confused because i was backing away and he would stop. As soon as he stopped and was distracted i would lean forward again and he would eat. That would last a bite or two until he would do it again. I just kept repeating it until eventually he realized that if he wanted to eat he couldn't do that. i would also blow raspberries with him after he finished eating and tried to make it a game where he laughed and felt involved. That way he associated that with playing and not eating. It took awhile but it worked eventually.

  • I'm sorry, but what does the term "blowing raspberries" mean?

  • When they put there lips together and blow, and spit and food go everywhere. It's bunches of fun:)

  • Oh, I can't wait for that fun to begin.  Thanks for the clarification. I have no idea why I have not heard that term before.

  • my daughter started doing that we she was 5 months old. it drove me crazy till i realized she only did it with certain foods. try keeping an eye on what foods he does it with...maybe he doesnt like the food like my daughter.