Toys for 2-6 months

  • I'm a new mom, and my baby girl is 8 weeks now. I'm wondering what kind of toys are "classic" and "stimulating" for infants. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Honestly....the best toy your baby could have is YOU. Babies are enamored with you and everything you do. Singing songs, playing pattycake etc... are some of the best ways to introduce your baby to language. Read a short book or take her for a walk on these beautiful spring days. While you are out, she will notice the trees in the wind and the sound of the birds. Just by doing these things with her, you are not only creating a bond with her, but also teaching her about the world around her. For those rainy days at home, try putting her on a blanket that has different textures---like velvet and fleece etc..let her rub against it and experience different sensations. You can give her a massage with baby lotion and let her splash in the baby bathtub. All of these things are very stimulating. Just be careful you do not "over stimulate" her throughout the day >>>babies this age need plenty of rest and quite time just to look around the room and get used to this amazing life! Good luck