Swaddling and SIDS

  • Someone just told me that swaddling is not recommended to help prevent SIDS.  I could have sworn that I've read somewhere before that swaddling helps prevent SIDS.  Which is right?  I know tummy to play, back to sleep.  I know about keeping a fan on in the baby's room.  But to swaddle or not to swaddle?

  • My son was born 12 weeks premature and all of the NICU nurses recommended swaddling! I have not been informed that swaddling causes SIDS.

    SIDS is something people are afraid to talk about, and this US back to sleep campaign is a joke... babies still die of SIDS no matter how they are lain in their crib. Doctors in New Zealand have found that SIDS is caused by poison gases being emitted from crib mattresses - antimony and arsenic sepcifically. They wrap their mattress down there and of the babies with a wrapped mattress - NONE have died of SIDS! So, I ordered a kit (they call it cot wrapping) to wrap my baby's bassinet and crib mattresses to make sure he is sleeping safely when swaddled, or when in any position.

    Good luck!

  • Swaddling does not increase the risk of SIDS. Being overheated increases the risk for SIDS. So you should dress your baby in light clothing and swaddle with a light swaddling blanket. Swaddling, hasn't been shown to decrease the risk of SIDS (that I have ever read). However, it does help keep babies on their back and having babies on their back decreases the risk.

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  • The only thing I have heard was the swaddling could help prevent SIDS, not cause it. We did not swaddle our daughter because she would cry if we tried to, but I think anything that can help is always worth a try. Try to keep everything light like BabyNurse3 said, we even had a light fan in the room to keep her cooled (but not close enough to blow in her face or freeze her either of course Wink).

  • Actually the hospital here where I live just told their nursery nurses not to swaddle anymore due to SIDS.  My friend just had a baby yesterday and when I went over to see her the nursery nurse was telling her that they were no longer allowed to swaddle in the hospital but she could do what she wanted when she went home.

  • I can't imagine how the nursery workers are handling that news! I bet those are some grumpy nursery babies. Smile

     I guess it is best just to ask your pediatricians preference.

    I know Dr Harvey Karp from The Happiest Baby on the Block strongly recommends swaddling and he teaches SIDS prevention.

  • My baby is 2 months and i lay him on his tummy becasue he sleeps better that way... is that ok??

  • mittens- Your baby really needs to be placed on his back to sleep. Since the "back to sleep" campaign began SIDS deaths have decreased by more than half. http://www.nichd.nih.gov/sids/ 

  • The nursery worker that was in her room said they didn't like it but it was hospital policy now.   But she told her she was the mom and she could do whatever she wanted when she was with her but when she came back from the nursery she wouldn't be swaddled anymore.  My baby girl was just born in that same hospital back in Oct. 2008 and I remember every time she came back from the nursery she was wrapped up like a little burrito.  


  • Both the hospital & the doctor's told us that the back was for sleep & the tummy was for play.   My little girl really doesn't like laying on her stomach much but she has got to where she will roll over on her side and go to sleep.  We let her lay like that while we are in the room with her but at night in her crib she sleeps in one of those positioners that you lay them in and helps keep them from roll over on their stomach.   That has really worked for her. Geeked